Saddle Up

by Suzanna H

Im horse crazy because i love horse riding and because i have my own horse called twilight and do showjumping,Dressage and cross country and heaps of other shows and i go on horse riding camps with my horse and i go to pony club 2 times a week ,i am a very very experienced rider ,so i can saddle up myself and other stuff.Twilight is a beautiful paint horse and Twilight is a girl, I also have 2 Shetland ponies there both boys and one of them is a Grey and the other is a Palomino and i have a little sister called Bindi and she is 6,she is annoying sometimes and is nice too ,she has her own horse called Comanche and Comanche is a blue roan ,she is a really good rider ,she can jump and does showjumping and Dressage and all the same things i do .The third time i went to a horse riding camp ,Bindi came with Comanche and she was always annoying me and twilight and i also played a prank on her,

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