Run like the wind

by Regan
(Lexington, Kentucky, USA)

The dawn sky was streaked with blue and pink. The grass was dotted with dew that shimmered in the light of the rising sun. I walked across the field to catch my two horses, Autumn and Smokey. They let out a low, welcoming nicker when I approached them. They calmly followed me out of the pasture, and into our barn.

My family's barn is very old, but safe. There are two stalls for Autumn and Smokey, and the other four are for tack, feed, and other supplies.

I fill up Autumn and Smokey's water buckets, and make them each a bran mash. The day was a bit chilly, and they were the best, so they deserved it.

While Autumn ate, I groomed her. Her bright bay coat was soft, and warm. Her eyes were loving and the white star on her forehead made her the total package.

I remember the day I first saw her. My family was looking for a horse for me. I could not help but notice Autumn. She is a Morgan-Arab cross, so the shape of her head and the way she holds her tail, was enchanting. She was the horse I chose.

When I was done with Autumn, I moved over to Smokey who is a dapple gray QH. I bought him for trail riding. He is a big lovebug. He is friendly to everyone. Everyone loves him. His eyes are very big, and he often makes them very large to beg for horse treats. I often call him my puppy dog.

Before I know it though, I have to go to school. Well, I am homeschooled. My mom's two friends and their daughters meet up at our house every Monday and Wednesday for group lessons. All of us are learning at Accelerated Levels.

It is Monday, and we were supposed to read two chapters of Gone With The Wind, write a detailed summary of the chapters, and take notes to share with the group. Morgan and Bella had already shared.

"Dani, do you have anything to share?" asked Mom. I nodded and read my notes. When I was done, we moved on to our Algebra lesson. After that we worked on our history skit.

"Alright girls, why don't you go riding?"

Morgan, Bella, and I nodded. The second we were out the door Morgan and Ella started off to their house. They lived a two minute walk away. They were going to meet me back here in ten minutes.

I ran over to Smokey. I gave him a quick grooming and slipped the cool metal bit into his mouth. I quickly fasten the throat latch and noseband. Even though Smokey is a very tall gelding, I can still mount him from the ground.

I grab a fistful of his dark gray mane, and swing my leg over his back. I adjust myself, and stroke his flank.

"Alright boy, let's go!" I whisper to him. Smokey picks up a well-paced walk.

"Dani!" calls Morgan.

"Hey!" I respond.

I kick Smokey into trot. Even though I ride him bareback, he still has the best trot. Morgan is on her chestnut mare Ginger. Bella trots up behind Morgan.

"I thought we could go to that big empty field near Bracken Creek," says Bella who is on her black gelding Shadow.

"Well then let's go!"

We took off at a canter. The wind blew through my hair and I never felt more free.

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Mar 07, 2017
by: Dakota

I love this story!

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