by Cheyenne

This is my horse Cody. He is my 1st horse EVER!!!

This is my horse Cody. He is my 1st horse EVER!!!

I love horses because they are SO pretty!!! I also love horses because I love to compete. I am going to compete in barrels and poles. I may do goat tying, but I am not sure yet.

I have been to horses since I was like 1. HORSES ARE BASICALLY MY LIFE!!! (w/ the exception of softball and basketball.)

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Jul 10, 2010
by: Taylor

You are lucky you have a horse to ride. I have a horse but the lady that gave her to me is training her because my dad would flip if I got back on her beacause she bucked me off. When she's trained to ride I'm going to teach her rodeo stuff like barrels so we can compete. I love rodeos but I've never been to one I've just seen them on tv.

Jan 23, 2009
by: Fellow horse back rider

Hello Rodeo13, my name is Ivy. I have a horse, too. His name is Cinder. You have a very nice horse. I can tell that you love him!! Hope you have as much fun as the three (3) of us You look like you and Cody do.
Cinder is the #1 horse in my life, I think that is how it is with you and Cody! Cinder is my life. He is a sorrel mustang gelding. He was just moved from Oregon to Montana. We moved from Oregon to Montana in 2007. I had to leave Cinder in Wolf Creek, Oregon. After moving six (6)months later, then Cinder came down to Montana. He was very skinny, not because of him not having food, he was desperate! He didn't eat for weeks, but when I saw him I cried, then he ate and ate. We stole his food because he was going to get a gas bubble or colic!

High powered grain and oats fixed him right up. I rode him all last summer. Montana weather has made it hard to get to Cinder. My twin sister Camille rode her horse Long Sox. We call Long Sox "Pippi" for sort. Long sox is Pippi's papper name. Pippi is a varnished roan appaloosa mare. She is a speckel head in my words, she is a great horse. She was foaled on the Lazy Y-3 Ranch, which our family owns. Pippi is Cinder's girlfriend. She loves him!!!

Pippi and Cinder are not the only horses at the ranch. Our ranch is in Wolf Creeck, Montana. Carla's Midnight Bella Luna, Luna for short is another horse. Luna is an appaloosa bay gelding that is foaled in 2004. He is a little loony. He thinks is a dog or something like that. One time we were sleeping on the back of a flat-bed pick up track, he disgusted to sleep with us. NOT on the ground but on the pick up truck. One hoof, the he was going for your bed. My dog duke railed at him. he lefthed, he think that Duke was to much to handle.

Luna's sister is Lucey-Luo. Lucey-Luo is called Red. She is a like red in different was, she is is a chestnut mare so she looks like the color red, she has a mean aditod the color for mad is red. she is an appaloosa chestnut mare. She is very slow, strange because she is part Thoroughbred. She loves oats, grain, marshmallow, and everything sweet! She is crazy for food the is sweet. She hates Camille. I MEAN hates her, even if she has food.

At our ranch we have let one of our friends go here. Her name is Tia. Tia rides Red. She would like to Luna but I will not let her, she can not control him. She goes to my school, rides our bus, and lives 3 blocks away. She Loves to go to our ranch, but sadly she is going to move to the Regon Inlands. This week is going to going to be the last time she is going to ride Red. Maybe I will let her ride Carla's midnight Bella Luna!!
I want to have a lot of fun our last time riding FREE!!! I hope that Cinder Does good.

P.s. I forget Cinder some times Cinder turns from my cute sweet angel to my bucking bronco. Spiling jumping bucking going slow. He is my bady every one is bigger that him. when the mares are in heat they bully him. He thinks he is a stallion. I call him my Little Studd.

Feb 23, 2008
Very good
by: Claire

I love your horse he looks soooooooo cute!

Feb 20, 2008
great pic!
by: dara

That's a great pic of you and Cody. There is a horse named Cody at the stable where I ride but he's a clydesdale. Good luck in your competition. Post some pics of it K?

Feb 20, 2008
cool horse
by: annie

thats so cool that you have a horse i want one so badly but im getting on my 10th birthday

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