Rocky Road

by Elizabeth



The cold October wind blew harshly at my face. "Mom are we almost there?" I asked. We were riding from the Maples (my mom's friend. they live in a huge house. Not like us at all, we live in a log cabin.)

I don't like going to their house because there's nothing to do. I sometimes play with the baby Anne but then the mom always says "time for her nap." It is really not fun there.

"Almost. Wasn't that nice?" Mom asked me. I shook me head. "Why don't you like visiting them?"

"It's boring there. That's why I always take my time when you say we're going there."

"Now I see." Mom looked at me then turned her head.

Later we go to the house. "Mom, the phone is ringing." I said pointing at the house. "Oh, thanks hon," she said running up to the house.

I walked to the barn with both horses in my hand.
Untacking Rose (my mom's horse) then going on to my horse.

"Hey bud, you did good." I said to Bolt. Tacking off his saddle and pad I took them to the tack room. Grabbing the brush in his box I almost shouted. "No, Bolt!" I rushed into the stall. He was prancing around with a dangled bridle hanging down at his hoofs. Hitting his legs, but not being scared of it.

I grabbed a halter and yelled. "Bolt stop!" He stopped. I took of the bridle then groomed him. "That was a close one bud! You could have tripped!"

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