Rocky Island - Invasion

(South West, UK)

The Wild Horse (Narrator)

The Wild Horse (Narrator)

Chapter 1:
My hooves danced over the leaf-covered ground. My golden coat shone in the autumn sunlight as I entered a hazy world of magic. Orange and red leaves were littered on the ground, the gentle breeze blowing them up into the sky. Massive oak trees lined the track, their bright orange and red leaves falling as I went. Years of snow, frost, wind and rain had strengthened them, until only the toughest remained.

I trotted on, my ears flickering to the slightest sound. All my senses strained for any danger. Humans had taken over this part of the island, and any horse that ventured into the human land, if caught, faced a lifetime of harsh and cruel captivity. I had ventured into human territory because there was a small cove on the coast where I could swim across to the bigger island where no human had ever ventured.

So far so good.

A movement in the utmost branches. I froze. "Caw! Caw!" Phew, just a bird, I thought. I carried silently on, through the winding track. As the trees thinned, a thick mist fell down around me. Silence. Distant neighs, snorts and whines drifted into my ears. Horses! Their pain filled cries filled the once silent air. “…wait…” “…mama…come…where…you…” A foal. I recognized the pain filled cries, similar to ones I had heard in my old herd. Then I heard the commanding voices of the humans. “Stop it!” “ You stupid, crazy, idiotic horse!”

I knew I had to carry on. I was too far in to turn back. Trembling, I slowly walked closer, and closer. I kept to the tree line, knowing it would be safer there.

In what seemed like hours, I came across a huge clearing. There was men, horses, dogs, weird machines that shot out death and tents that the humans slept in. A breeze lifted my mane up, my tail whipping around me. One of the dogs suddenly caught scent of me. He barked. In that instant, six burly men, taller than any I had ever seen before, turned towards me. One of the men held out his hand. I stood stock still. Fear coursed through my blood, turning it to ice. “Come on my beauty, come on,” the softly approaching man whispered. My ears flicked forward, undecided. The man grinned. He held out a lump of sweet smelling food. Warily I sniffed it. A stallion called out, “Don’t! He will captured you!” My head shot up. A flicker of annoyance swept across the man’s face. “Come on my beauty, don’t be afraid,” My ears flattened against my neck. In that same moment, I reared, squealing. The man cursed. He flicked a rope into a knot, and threw it towards me. It was too late. I had gone, fleeing over roots, leaves, broken sticks. The men, swearing and cursing as they went, ran after me, some on horses, some on foot. But I had two major advantage over them, I was as fleet footed as the wind and I knew the forest as well as I knew myself. The horses tried to keep up; but failed. The men on foot also tried to keep up; they also failed.

Chapter 2:
I galloped faster and faster, leaping fallen trees, scattering leaves as I went. The trees seemed to fly past, as I fought the urge to panic. My mind and thoughts were in a whirl, instincts took over. I came to the cove I had been searching for. I leapt onto a massive rock; it had a flat surface. The men by this time were only just behind me, watching as I leapt from rock to rock, navigating my way down onto the tiny beach. They gasped in horror as I leapt a 6ft gap in-between two equally huge rocks. My forefeet landed in the cool and inviting sand. I fought off the desire to roll, I knew it was only time before the men caught up with me. Hearing the thud as one of the horses landed on the first rock, I looked up, only to see it wasn’t the first rock it had landed on, it was the last! I hurried down to the water’s edge, and trotted quickly into the water. The water raced up my legs, freezing me to the bone. I started swimming. The men by this time were down by the water's edge.

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Nov 02, 2020
The rest of chapter 2
by: The Author

The men, however, where just down at the water's edge. I glanced back, and neighed, the call of the wild. One of the men pulled out a pistol; a sudden pain in my shoulder told me he had shot me. I made not a single sound, knowing that is I did so, the men would then follow me, sensing that they had hit me.


About 1 hour later:

I hauled myself up the beach, snorting with pain. My shoulder was screaming for a rest, but I had to keep on going. I froze. I sensed a human behind me. As I slowly turned around, I saw this snake-like thing flying in the air. I reared, neighing, my hooves pawing the air. Then, darkness.

Smoke. Noise. The tight rope around my legs bit like sand in a cut, but I struggled up anyway. Voices drifted into my ears; human's voices. "Oh, I see that damn horse has got up,"
"Yep, real devil that one!"


More coming soon!
Sorry I couldn't write before, what with Lockdown and Covid-19, I didn't have much time!!!

Aug 28, 2020
by: Horse crazy girl

This is amazing! Keep on writing this story! I want to read it! Five stars!

Jul 27, 2020
by: annahorselover

This story is amazing!!! I love it!

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