Rising Up

by Sally

When sixteen year old Quincy (Quinn) Jones and her beloved horse Firefly take a fall in the Barrel Racing Championships and are injured, her love for her horse is put to the test. They must overcome many hardships to become what they once were.

Chapter One

This was it - the moment I've been working for. Pounds of muscle pressed relentlessly beneath me in anticipation for the moment coming. The crowd cheered for the rider coming out of the ring - they were good but we had to be better.

Now! I raced out into the arena, me and my horse.

We raced around the first barrel, hearts pumping and adrenaline running high. The third barrel... almost there! Almost there! No! Her hoof caught. We went tumbling. Screams came from the crowd and people came running.

I tried to get up but couldn't. My head was pounding but all I could see was her. She was struggling to get up, shrieking in pain. No one could get near her for her hooves were flailing and she wouldn't calm.

Someone tried to move me away but I screamed and kicked. Throwing punches out at the person who wanted to take me away from my horse. Then I saw it, they brought out the tranq gun aiming at her.

I broke away ignoring the pain in my knee and raced to her side. Kneeling down next to her, she calmed at the sight of me but she didn't calm all the way. My knee throbbed but I refused to leave her. I bent down to her ear and sang her song.

"Fire in the sky, my friend who makes me fly. My firefly. My friend, my love and my family. You are my Firefly strong and sweet. Firefly my friend, you are mine and I am yours forever more. Flying high in the sky, you are free, my Firefly."

She calmed as I sang and so did the crowd or I just didn't hear them. At that moment, all I cared about was my Firefly. I sang until she stopped struggling under my gentle but firm hand and laid still letting the vet look her over.

I thought they would get her on easily but I was wrong when I heard it. The tranq gun shot and she squealed as I screamed. Forgetting about my knee I got up and ran at the man yelling.

"You ruined this! She was calm! Now you'll have even more trouble. She'll never trust you again!"

I ran at him but didn't make it there before my knee gave out. I fell again. My surroundings grew blurry and I was faintly aware of my parents running to me. But still my focus was only on Firefly's screams. I closed my eyes tears leaking. As my parents picked me up I whispered, "don't let anything happen to her."

Not knowing whether or not they heard me, I reached my hand out once more for my horse who was laying down, the tranq subsiding her fight but she still had the fire. Her eyes and I knew she wasn't going to give up.

With that satisfaction, I closed my eyes and let darkness over take me.

Chapter Two

"Quincy? Can you hear me?"

I groaned as light shined into my eyes when I forced them open. My mother leaned over me to my right and a doctor on my left holding the light into my eyes.

"Get that out of my face." I grunted at her, my voice raspy from sleeping for so long or I assumed. It could've been from the screaming and yelling. My memories flooded back again and I bolted upright nearly hitting my mom's head as I did but she backed away quick enough. The doctor quickly took a step back taking the light out of my eyes.

"Firefly!" Was all I said, my head throbbing from getting up so fast.

The doctor came into view again and said "Quincy, please lay back down. You hit your head pretty hard from what I hear," she gently pushed me back down and I let her saying again, "Firefly?"

The doctor ignored me and my mom said nothing even though I knew she could hear me.

"Alright Quincy, how do you feel and can you flex all your muscles for me please?" I nodded and did as I was told, staring at the white ceiling of my hospital room trying to keep the tears in as I flexed my muscles like she said. Whimpering as I tried to move my knee, I found it was in a brace.

"I can feel them all and call me Quinn please," I whispered my voice shaking.

"Mom," she was at my side instantly.

"Where's Firefly?" She was silent so I asked again, "Where's Firefly?"

The doctor saved her. "Alright Quinn, you're going to stay the night and then I see no reason you can't go home. Just take it easy on that knee ok?"

I nodded and stayed silent until she left and said to my Mom again, "Mom where's Firefly?"

She stayed silent then replied, "Your father is with her but she's in rough shape."

I nodded. My fears confirmed and I let the tears come. My mom rushed toward me and held me letting my tears soak her shoulder.

"I want to see her." My mom shook her head and then I realized she thought I wanted to go to the vet but I knew when it came to doctors orders they overruled so I shook my head.

"I want to see the old her."

She nodded understanding and took out my phone which she had held onto for me during the rodeo. And gave it to me.

My hands shook as I scrolled through the pictures of her and cried when I saw the one I took of her when she was a filly. Her white coat shining in the sunlight as she galloped through the field, free as a bird.

Her white and grey mane streaming behind her. I wiped my eyes and my mom gave me a sad smile. We sat in silence for a bit until we heard a knock.

"I'm coming in and I better not have missed another sentimental moment because you know how well I deal with tears." I laughed at my dad's sarcastic tone as he walked in and gave me a hug.

He seemed to know the question I was going to ask because he answered it before I asked. "She's hanging on Sweetie."

And for the first time in a while I smiled. When I see her I know everything will be alright.

I will post more soon. :)

Chapter Three

I sat in my hospital bed and stared at the white ceiling. I was finally going home today and my patience was being tested.

My doctor said I could go home today but my mom and dad had to sign off on everything and talk with my doctor. I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed just as my parents came in.

They smiled and I was about to stand up but then I saw what my dad was holding. My crutches. I glared at the crutches and took them from my dad and stood using them. I saw my parents smiling sadly at me so I smiled back to them and looked at my dad.

"Now you can't say no to letting me play with crutches," he laughed his big laugh and gave me a big hug and together we made our way out of the hospital.

"Sweetie, do you want to get some food first or go home?" My jaw dropped as my mom spoke. She knew fully well what I wanted to do.

"Which one's closer to the clinic?"

My Dad shrugged his shoulders as mom looked to him for support and finally she said, "Food then the clinic."

I nodded, agreeing to the deal and opened the car door hopping on one foot. I lifted myself in and when I was in laughed at my parents worried expressions.

"I'll get stronger upper body strength and as if carrying bulky western saddles isn't enough."

My Dad grinned and my mom wacked him with the back of her hand but eventually grinned back. They got in, my mom driving since my dad apparently "drove recklessly" in her words.

"Where do ya want to eat kiddo?"

I thought for a moment acting like I was pondering but then immediately said, "Tony's tack and feed."

It was a nice little tack shop with a diner attached down in longview that we went to quite often and they knew it was the place for me to get my comfort food.

"Tony's it is," my dad said to my mom who was looking longingly at Shari's, a fancier restaurant down near Tony's as we passed. I saw the tack shop and smiled. I'm best friends with Tony's daughter Megan so I go here a lot.

As we walked in--wait, no--I hobbled in on my crutches, Megan looked up from where she was. She took one look at me and knew exactly what I needed.

"One double chocolate frappe' with no coffee, coming up."

I grinned at her and her dad Tony walked in and bellowed, "Now what have you gone and done Q?"

I smiled at his nickname for me and replied, "Oh you know how dangerous the sport is but you should see the other guy who was trying to get me off the course."
He grinned more and came out from behind the counter to give me a hug with Megan following him.

"We all knew you weren't invincible though I think we all liked to think it." Megan said arms crossed and I hobbled up to her and gave her a side hug.

"At least I'm home."

She nodded and hugged me back tugging my hand toward a table though careful not to pull me over.

Once we were seated, she went straight to the topic that had been on my mind since I left the hospital.

"How is Firefly?"

I looked down at my hands eyes downcast. "She's hanging on, after we eat we're going down to see her. Dad was with her for a while but then left to come see me after I woke up."

She nodded and took hold of one of my hands, "She's strong and she'll come through."

I smiled sadly and leaned back in my chair, "Do you want to come with me?"

She nodded and stood up, "Lemme go ask my Dad if he can let me go early on my shift then I'll finish up some things while you guys eat." I nodded and my parents came and sat down.

We ordered and ate in silence. Soon the only thing left uneaten whas my frappe' which I was slurping on while we waited for Megan. She appeared a moment later and we headed out after paying but apparently my frappe' was on the house.

When we got to the car, I got in a little easier and looked out the window as we drove. Megan held my right hand and I held on to my lucky charm in the other. It was more of a bond between me and Firefly. When I first got her she was a tiny little Filly who'd just been weaned but we immediately bonded.

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Jun 17, 2018
Chapter Six
by: Sally

Chapter Six

I let out a sigh I didn’t know I’d been holding when my dad pulled up to our house. It’s tan paint peeling a little but the rest seemed more like someone lived there than a house that was falling to pieces. Besides all of this, I was happy to be home.

I hopped out of the car and Megan handed me, my crutch. I went as fast as I could to the horse trailer. I heard Firefly whinny and knew that Firefly could smell home too. I went over and opened the trailer door and leaned my crutches against the side of the trailer. I hopped into the trailer which held my scared horse.

"Shh... girl, it’s okay. No one’s gonna hurt you." Firefly bobbed her head up and down and stomped her hoof. She stopped moving though her eyes still said she was terrified so I sang.

"Fire in the sky, flying free in the night sky. My Firefly strong and sweet, my friend that makes me soar in the sky high in the sky. My Firefly with eyes of fire and a heart of gold. My friend, My Firefly."

Firefly nickered at the song, I constantly sang different parts of the song to her so she recognized it. I limped into the trailer and untied her lead rope, gently leading her down the ramp.

"Honey why don’t you let your father take her to her stall and let's get you inside."

I shook my head. Though I was feeling a little tired and it had started to rain I knew that my horse needed I and I needed her horse. I started walking to the barn, for once happy that it wasn’t that far from the house. Firefly nickered again when she saw the barn and pranced a little bit. I pulled down on her lead pulling Firefly’s head to my level and said, "It’s okay girl, just a little farther and you’ll be back home."

Megan was a little ways away with my crutches, knowing well enough not to get to close. The rain had started to pick up so I walked a little faster some of my weight on Firefly and off my knee. I finally got to Firefly’s stall and quickly led Firefly in it.

After taking off her halter, I left and accepted my crutches from Megan. By the time they made it to the house I was exhausted.

"Quinn, do you want something to drink?"

I turned her head to the sound of my Mom’s voice and said, "I’m good. I think me and Megan are just going to hang out in my room."

I handed my crutches to Megan and started to hop up the stairs, using the rail to pull myself off. My knee had started to throb and I didn’t want to put pressure on it. By the time I made it to the top of the stairs I was sweating and it was pouring outside. Megan gave me, my crutches and we made our way to my room. I collapsed on my bed and let out a sigh.

"Thanks Meg, I know you didn’t have to do this."

Megan smiled at me, "Ya know, I should’ve brought duct tape because I have a feeling little miss sunshine is up to something."

I smiled back at her, "Why ever would you think that?" I looked at her my eyes glinting, Meg did know me well.

Apr 02, 2018
Good job
by: Hoofbeats

Good job. I liked how you added tension in this part; it's what keeps the readers coming!

Keep writing.

Apr 02, 2018
Chapter Five
by: Sally

Chapter Five

Quinn cautiously hobbled into Firefly's temporary stall. They had decided that if she wanted to get close, I was better not to bring her crutches in so Firefly wouldn't get spooked. She held the halter and lead at her side, her arms spread out so she could keep her balance. She made her way to her horse speaking quietly.

"Shh... girl, it's okay. I'm just gonna take you home. No one's gonna hurt you, just let me get this on you and we'll be going home," she blind the halter on Firefly quickly and clipped the lead on. She looked at her parents, the vet and Megan standing near the stall door.

"Can you guys stand back and give her room?"

They all stepped back giving them room. She led her horse out leaning against her some so she wouldn't fall over. They walked out to the parking lot where the trailer was.

Firefly walked along obediently until she saw where we were going. She reared, throwing Quinn off balance. Quinn landed on the ground and rolled out of the way of her hooves that came flashing down. She pawed the ground and shook her head letting out a shrill whinny.

Someone grabbed Quinn and dragged her out of range of Firefly's hooves and heaved her onto her feet. She turned around and saw that it was her dad who had pulled her away. Megan handed Quinn her crutches which she took gratefully.

"I've got an idea." Every one turned to Quinn who was already digging out the carrot she always had on her when she was around horses. She carefully hobbled into the trailer and held out the carrot to Firefly who was standing and looking at her as if to say, "Why are you in there?"

"Here, Firefly, come and get it. All you have to do is get in the trailer."

Firefly cautiously but slowly walked toward Quinn. When she made it in the trailer Quinn fed her the carrot whispering, "That's a good girl," and slowly made her way as quietly as possible out of the trailer.

As soon as she was out, Megan and her Dad closed the door while Mom shook hands with Mrs. Sanders. Together, they all made their way into the car and breathed a sigh of relief as they pulled onto the road home.

Mar 27, 2018
An idea for Annie Rose the horse girl
by: Sally

Hi Annie Rose! Thanks a lot for your comment, it's really nice. And so I also have school so I don't have much time to write it so what I do is since sometimes the sessions can be timed out and the story you're writing be deleted, I write it out on a doc or paper and then when I have the time I post it. Hope this helps!

Mar 26, 2018
Oh snap!
by: Violent Brushstroke

Lol! I love the part where Quinn slaps that dude! You go girl! XD

Love this book, can't wait to read more!

Mar 25, 2018
Chapter Four
by: Sally

Chapter Four

"Dr. Sanders, you better get up here. Firefly's owner is here."

I stood there on my crutches as the desk attendant called our vet up. I ended up pacing the last two minutes which was harder than it seemed with crutches. Megan and my parents stood by patiently letting me pace and tire myself out.

"You must be Quincy Jones."

I spun around quickly and saw our vet, she was a nice looking lady with long dark hair compared to my dirty blonde hair. She was almost towering over me but was pretty easy considering I was only 5'4 1/2.

"Yes, I'm Quincy but please call me Quinn." I started slowly at first but then immediately cut to the point, "how's Firefly?"

The doctors face fell into a sad smile, "She's a fighter but..."

Buts were never good.

"She has fractured her back leg and it will eventually heal right but she isn't doing well cooped up in a stall, but I can't let her out for she might hurt herself."

I nodded. That wasn't too bad. "May I see her?"

The vet nodded and led us down a hallway of stalls. My face fell when we reached Firefly's stall. She was standing in the back corner her beautiful mane and coat matted with sweat and dirt.

"Why hasn't anyone brushed her down?"

The doctors face fell even more, "No one's been able to get close to her since the surgery. The only time we can is when she's sedated."

I nearly cried when I heard her and when I saw Firefly's ears flick at the sound of my voice.

"Let me go in."

The doctor shook her head, "You could get even more injured."

I shook my head but before I could reply Megan spoke. I hadn't even realized she was still there.

"You don't know Quinn like I do. If her horse needs her, she's gonna go in no matter what."

I nodded my head in agreement and the doctor contemplated but finally nodded her head, "Okay but go slow. She's not the same horse you remember." I nodded and my dad opened the stall door for me.

I slowly walked in on my crutches and went up to her face. "Hey girl how you doing? We're matching now," I motioned to my brace and the brace on her back leg. "I hear you haven't been too good for the doctors. Is that true?"

Her ears perked to show she was listening but then I made a wrong move. I placed my hand on her neck and she stomped her hooves and looked up, eyes wild. She was about to rear and kick when someone pulled me out. I fought them and ended up punching their nose.

"Quinn, stop!" I heard my dad's voice and froze.

Then a voice I didn't recognize spoke, "That's what I get for saving her from that psycho horse?"

Everyone must've slapped their foreheads because I turned around and looked at the guy who'd pulled me away from my horse. He was 6 feet and pretty muscular with a fine chiseled face and light brown shaggy hair. He looked annoyed but he just made a serious mistake. He took a girl from her horse. I slapped him, plainly slapped him.

Everyone that knew me knew I had a temper especially when it came to Firefly so the poor guy didn't see it coming.

"Next time a strange dude goes into your bedroom while you're talking to someone, you know are you going to protect them or sit there and do nothing."

The guy was speechless as Dr. Sanders said, "Noah, why don't you go and check on Choco." He nodded and walked away mumbling something about girls and their horses.

I thought for a moment then said, "Can we take her home because it might be the best place for her to recover unless you need to watch her?"

Dr. Sanders nodded, "She can come home but from now on please try not to slap Noah when he was just trying to help." I nodded and smiled.

I walked back to Firefly's stall and whispered to her, "Hear that girl, you're going home."

Mar 21, 2018
by: Annie Rose The Horse Girl

Hi! I absolutely love your book. It's so good and keep writing it! I like where the story is going. I'll try to make my own story but its kinda hard since I'm caught up in school.

But you left me on a complete cliffhanger. Is firefly going to die or what *squeals* I can't wait till the next chapter!

Mar 21, 2018
Chapter 3 - continued
by: Sally

My Grandma came to help break her in and saw the bond we had. So later that night she braided us each a little strand of yarn. It's been six years and I've never let that yarn leave my side since and I twirl Firefly's strand around her halter or sometimes in her tail then if not just her bridle.

I looked back out the window and saw the clinic. The moment the car stopped, I tore out the door going as fast as I could on my crutches. I pushed my way into the building and straight to the front desk.

"Where's Firefly?!"

More to come :)

Mar 21, 2018
really good!
by: stardust and peppy!

This is really good, Sally!

Mar 21, 2018
Made me laugh!
by: Hoofbeats

It made me laugh when the dad came to see her in the hospital room! Ha Ha!

Mar 20, 2018
A question
by: Sally

Thanks! I didn't think it was that good.

Mar 19, 2018
So Sweet...
by: Hoofbeats

I almost cried. Please continue!

Mar 18, 2018
by: Horsegirl#1


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