Riding with the hounds

by Tiffani

Ever since I was a little girl I was begging my parents for a horse they always said no so instead I would go to my neighbors house and ride there pony (Debby) until we had to move. When we moved I felt like my life was over I had no friends and no horses/ponies to ride I was torn, then one day while I was at cheer practice my twin sister told me about this ranch that she thought we should ride at so I decided to drop cheer and go to this ranch.

Wwhen we arrived at the horse ranch it was BEAUTIFUL and filled with horses there were horses in the pastures and every single stall was occupied by a horse, we met the owner of the ranch and she asked us if we were ready to ride I was like without a doubt.

She brought three different horses in Granola, Meadow, and Thelma my older sister called the tallest horse Granola and so I claimed the second tallest and may I say my horse had the most hilarious stubborn little attitude her name was Thelma so that meant my twin got Meadow we groomed and tack up then headed out to the coral.

That day we learned how to post trot I had sooo much fun that me and my twin have continued riding there and for my older sister she doesn't go because well she claims she got to dirty last time (lol)

I have continued riding Thelma and I realized me and her have the same attitude stubborn but adorable and you can't stay away from her adorablness lol well thank you for reading my riding story.

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