Riding to me is...

by Chloe

Riding to me is like being on a different planet. It's like an ESCAPE from all of the troubles in this world. People don't always understand horse people. I'm not understood by many people. I don't have many HORSE-PEOPLE friends.

But to me, that doesn't matter. I have two horses. They are the best friends you can ask for. They are what matter to me. They are my priority.


My oldest horse, Bobbin, is 28. He was my mom's since she was 14. Bobbin is a bay quarter horse gelding, with a huge heart. He could NEVER hurt a fly. He gets sick a lot by eating acorns. I'm afraid that he will get sick at an old age, and not be able to push through if it was a bad sickness. I love him. <3

My mare, Peppy's Fancy Belle, or Lady, is 7. She is more wild. She is a sorrel appendix quarter horse mare that we use for barrel racing. She is really fast sometimes, but sometimes she gets lazy. A few months back, we were thinking of breeding her. That thought drained off quickly. Now, sadly, she is just sitting in the pasture, not being ridden because we have too much stuff keeping us occupied. I love her. <3

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May 08, 2014
so right
by: Naomi


Jun 19, 2013
love it
by: Anonymous

Love the pic!

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