Riding is to me...

by Julia
(Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

Mac pawing

Mac pawing

My first ride was on a pony going around.
My grandfather has a love for horses too so he would share it with me. It used to be just a love for horses but now it's for riding as well. I kept bugging my parents to get a horse but as they said it would make more since to know how to ride. So instead of bugging them for a horse I bugged for lessons.

Finally they found a barn! I was so excited! So excited I didn't even care 50% of their land was muck. I met with the coach a couple days after to see where I'm at with riding. I rode a horse named Storm he was sold at auction later. Soon I was in lessons.

My coach that worked for the coach I met was making a new farm so me and mom followed her. There I met my best friends, the horses. I saw all of the horses there wasn't a lot but now there's plenty! There I learned to canter and gallop and jump! I rode lots of horses.

Now I'm helping train a horse named Jazz. I love being in the paddock with the horses and petting them.

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