Riding = Determination

by Megan

I am "horsecrazy" because when you're riding you can't just sit there and hope you're getting better. You have to MAKE it happen. I am "horsecrazy" because you have to work hard and practice like crazy both on the horse and off(exercise). I'm crazy about horses because when you have finished your work you feel like you've accomplished something and you know your work has not been in vain. I am "horsecrazy" because a horse was made by God and it seems like he put the creature on the earth for the race of man... AND woman! :D I am "horsecrazy" because God made me that way!

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Jan 19, 2009
by: Windcall

Hi Megan!
You have an awesome page! I don't have a horse, but that doesn't change anything in the way I feel about them. They are absolutely, thoroughly, deeply, truly, and entirely glorious!
Some info about me: I'm fourteen years old; I live somewhere in Missouri (USA); I am a Christian; and I have written at least three stories and seven pages on this website. I'm so HAPPY to find you! Could you please comment on my page(s)? They all start with "Dreamer: Windcall's Page--." Hope to hear from you soon!

Windcall *:-)

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