Rider 4eva

by Karen

My name is Karen and I ride at an amazing stable. I have a Chincotegue pony and might lease another horse. I've been riding since I was born. I have a pic of me on my horse from when I was a year old. My mom is holding me in the saddle.

When I was 2 I rode in a big a circuit show's lead line class. For a long time I was too small to do much of anything but when I grew I really took off. When I was ten, I learned to jump on a pony from our barn. I was really timid for a long time, but now I jump up to 2'9" and do some dressage and cross-country.

I want to become a trainer that finds potential hunter ponies and trains them to become children's ponies. I want to give them show mileage and make them bomb proof.

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Apr 22, 2018
by: help

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