Rescue the Valiant - Part 1

by Elizabeth

"Sami!" I spun around to see who it was. I brushed a piece of hair off of my face. I wonder what is wrong? I said to my self. Dad ran to me, his face red, his chest heaving up and down. I leaned the pitchfork against the wall, reached for my water jug and gulped it down then set it on a tack trunk.

"Whats wrong?" I asked. Dad never ran so fast before so I know it was urgent. "There was a trailer accident." He panted. "The trailer tipped over on it's side." I gasped. "There were horses in there right?" I asked remembering one of the accident that one horse had a broken leg, the other a sprained leg. Thank God they're all better. "Yep." Dad's answer was. "Let's go!" I jumped into the car, thoughts in my mind swirling around.

"Where is it?" I asked, not wanting the answer to be Red Ditch Road. It was a very dangerous road in the county! I hate the looks of it. On every side is a 20-foot ditch and the road very narrow. "Red Ditch Road." Dad said with a frown. "The driver was drunk." Dad said angrily as he hit the steering wheel with his fist. "How many horses were in there?" I asked. "5." He said.

A few minutes later, we found the truck and trailer. I opened the car door and looked around when I nearly screamed. I looked at the trailer, the police were trying to get a beaten up pregnant mare! Dad ran to help them, the men were grateful.

"Can I help?" I asked running down to where they were. "No, I don't think so." A policeman said. "We don't want you to get hurt."

"I won`t get hurt!" I said under my breath. "I live with horses and you probably don't know how to even mount a horse!" I wanted to tell him that but I held it.

6 hours have past and I found myself useful to keep the horses calm and hold them. I looked at the trailer, one more horse to go. I sighed with delight. All the horses were going to be out and into their new home. My home. One! Two! Three! I turned to see a gorgeous appaloosa!

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Nov 07, 2019
by: Anonymous

That was good I want to hear the rest! Please continue writing!

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