Reese and Beau

Part One


Reese Cole jerked awake to the sound of her alarm clock. With a groan, she rolled over and switched it off. She lay in bed for a moment until she realized why she was getting up early.


Reese sat up quickly grinning. She hopped out of bed and glanced around her room. She quickly made her bed and grabbed her horse magazine before hurrying downstairs for breakfast.

"Morning!" Reese called to her Mom who sat at the table drinking coffee.

"Good morning dear," her mother, Jill, responded smiling.

Reese excitedly snatched a granola bar and some orange juice and sat at the table to eat while reading her current issue of Horse Illustrated.

After she was finished, she put her cup in the sink and headed back up to her room to get ready for riding. She grabbed her breeches and shirt from the closet and headed into the bathroom.

After she got dressed, she threw her hair into a low ponytail and pulled on her boots. She grabbed her helmet and riding gloves and rushed to the car.

"Bye mom! See you later!" Reese said as she hopped out of the car and headed inside the barn.

She set her things on the wash rack and looked at the white board on the tack room door. She just wanted to make sure she was riding Beau, her favorite horse and close teammate.

Right beside her name was written exactly what she wanted. "Beau." Grinning, she grabbed his halter and headed outside to catch him.

He was a dark bay gelding and was an all-around lesson horse. He was good with beginners but he was also a challenge for more experienced riders like herself.

"Hey, Beau!" She called to the grazing Anglo-Arab gelding. He lifted his head perking his ears and nickered a greeting.

"I missed you!" She said planting a kiss on his nose. She hadn't been to the barn in over a month. Happily, she haltered him and began leading him up to the barn whilst speaking to him quietly.

Once she entered the barn, she clipped the cross-ties to his halter and headed to the wash rack to grab his grooming kit.

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Mar 29, 2017
Great job
by: Anonymous

Great job ! Please keep writing!

Mar 16, 2017
by: Dakota

Keep on!

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