Red Velvet - Part 1 (not a real story) PLEASE COMMENT!

by Dallas

At the time, I was only three weeks old. I was frantic and running around in the small box stall... My mother was outside the box stall, with our nice owner by her side slowly taking her last breaths. Somehow she caught a disease and was dieing. I watched, my eyes confused. It had all happened so quickly.

The vet walked over to my stall and opened the door. I ran to him and threw my muzzle against his stomach.

"How is she, is she gonna be all right?" I repeated he did not answer. I screamed it over and over again. He kneeled down and stroked my velvety coat.

"It's all OK... You'll be alright."

"What about MUM?" He acted as if he could not hear me.

All of the sudden I heard balling. I darted forward to go to my mom, but the vet's sturdy arm caught me. He shut the door and walked beside my mother. She was gone.....

That day about an hour after my mom was transported to a small grave they built, the vet took me off of their shoulder's, meaning I would live with him. I was welcomed by a cozy stall with lots of straw and a blanket to lie on, then quickly relieved with a warm bottle of milk.

Creamy, rich milk squirted onto my tongue. My eyes closed as it soothed my body of the traumatic day that occurred, and I got to know and love the vet for four months before he sent me a mile away to a racing stable, called Oak Grove Stables.

Two years later, I am now called Red Velvet, Velvet for short. My coat is shiny red like embers that are still hot in a campfire. My rider, Sky, loves to take me out in the mornings for a short glory ride on the track, sometimes, like today, with another person.

Me and a bay filly called Pine lined up at a certain place and our riders settled in and gathered the reins, while a person at the gate held up a gun, and counted down to herself.

My feet pranced slowly as I looked at the track I would be racing on. My ears shot forward as the gun went off.


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Apr 04, 2013
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