Red Rose - Part 1

by Alexa
(Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia)

'What about this one?' I ask, looking up from the article. Mum looks up from her phone and sets down her coffee.

'Fourteen hand Chestnut mare. Eight years old. Sweet natured and suitable for all riding!' I read out excitedly.

Mum looks at the article approvingly, 'She sounds perfect, Lily. We can pop in to check her out this afternoon after shopping,' mum said, 'Whats the address?'

'Forty one Maple drive!' I reply, slightly anxious. I couldn't wait to check out the mare. She sounded so perfect for me!

I kissed mum on the cheek and ran upstairs into my room and jumped on the bed. I was so excited. Ever since mum said I could get a pony, I had been prepared. We had looked for a paddock near the house. Mum found one for sale just behind our house that wasn't being used. I had all the grooming supplies ready too. I wanted it to be two o'clock already!

As we drove up the long driveway, we came to an old, large house with a barn to the side. There were paddocks and everything looked neat and tidy and perfect. I wriggled in my seat. Mum pulled the car and trailer into the driveway and we both hopped out. I looked around my a chestnut mare, but couldn't see one. Suddenly, the front door of the house slid open and out came an old lady. She had white hair and looked kind.

'Hello,' mum greeted, shaking hands with the lady. I smiled up at her, staying quiet.

'Good afternoon. We talked on the phone, I am Miss Moore,' the lady said quietly.

'And I'm Elle Banks, this is Lily,' mum said, introducing herself.

Once again, I smiled up at the lady. She seemed so nice, I couldn't wait to see her horse.

'Are you here to see Rose, the chestnut in the article?' Miss Moore asked.

'Oh, yes.'

'Come with me. She's in her paddock out the back. She's very lovely.'

We followed Miss Moore around the back of the barn and into a large paddock. I looked around and spotted a beautiful chestnut mare, grazing. I fell in love with her instantly.

Miss Moore raised her hands and called out, 'Rose, Rosie, come here girl.'

The mare lifted her head and started trotting over towards us. She stopped in front of me.

'Now, Rose. This is Lily,' Miss Moore said, gently pushing me forward. I raised my hand to Rose's nose. She sniffed it and I patted her head. She was perfect. Why Miss Moore would want to sell her, I had no idea?

'She's perfect,' I say.

'Yes, and she comes with her tack, and papers. She's a purebred Connemara pony!' Miss Moore said happily, stroking Rose.

'Well, she is very nice. How much would she be?' Mum asked politely.

Miss Moore looked at mum, 'Well, you seem like very nice people, and you miss,' she pointed to me, 'Would take care of her wouldn't you?'

Yes,' I nodded, 'I love her already!'

'Well, I wouldn't want you to be turned off my my price. Lets just say her original price was four thousand, but you can have her for one thousand?' Miss Moore said, smiling.

I turned to mum, 'Oh, yes! Please!'

Mum rolled her eyes, 'Rose is yours!'

I lead Rose to the trailer, she didn't seemed frightened at all. That was a good sign. I loaded her up and gave her a small hay bale to eat on the way home. I heard mum and Miss Moore talking.
'Well, your daughter seems loving and kind. Rose will be very happy,' Miss Moore stated.

'Yes, well, Lily is only eleven, but she's wanted a pony for as long as she could remember.'

'Did you know there is a pony club in Crescent Falls. It's a great place for little girls and their ponies to go and meet new friends and have fun. You should sign Lily up,' Miss Moore suggested.

I watched mum nod. I hoped she was thinking yes. Pony club would be so fun!

'Thank you so much!' I screamed as we hopped out of the car. Mum laughed, 'Thats okay, darling. Now go and settle that pony in. I'll cook tea and we can eat it outside on the porch and watch Rose,' mum said.

'Okay,' I replied before running off to unload Rose. I lead her up the back of the house and into her paddock. She is so calm, walking beside me. I can't wait to ride her. I can't wait!
I decide that one of the best ways to bond with your horse is to spend time grooming it. So I take out my grooming kit and start by brushing Rose. She has a summer coat, so not much hairs come loose with the curry come.

I smooth her silky fur down and start with the brush. I can't wait to do this everyday for the next seven weeks. It is the holidays, so I will spend my time with Rose, Building out friendship. After I have finished brushing Rose, I pull a carrot out of the bag near the grooming box. Rose takes it politely from my hand and starts chewing it.

I was just about to start coming her mane when mum opened the back door. She came out carrying two plates and set them on the table. 'Dinner's ready!' She shouts.

'Coming!' I kiss Rose and ran out the gate, shutting it behind me. I sat at the table and dug in. It was a salad sandwich, so I ate it quickly. Then I remembered I had to feed Rose, so I ran into the back shed and pulled the lid off a barrel. I scooped out grains, and then some chaff. I mixed it into a bucket and closed the sheds. Rose ate her dinner steadily. I watched her, with amazement. My pony.

'Hun, did you realize this Pony club is on Saturdays?' Mum yelled from the kitchen. I just finished pulling on my jodhpurs and run out the door.

'Nope. That's today! Can we go!' I asked.

'Sure, get Rose ready to float. I am going to put my make up on, I'll be there in a bit,' she said, rushing off. I nodded and slipped on my boots.
'Rose!' I yelled softly, once I'm out the door. Rose stuck her head up and whinnied. I grabbed her halter and slipped it over her head. I les her out around the side of the house and opened the trailer door. I realized that the first time I would ride her would he at pony club. I hope I didn't get bucked off.

Once Rose was in and I had organized the tack, mum appeared at the drivers door. She hopped in and waited for me to sit down. Hopefully pony club would be fun.

Part two will be up soon! Hope you like!

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Aug 02, 2015
Part 2
by: Anonymous

Is there a part 2 or you haven't made one yet?

please, please make part 2!

Mar 01, 2013
by: SaphireRain

I love your style of writing! And this plot is very interesting.. keep up!

Feb 26, 2013
by: Alexa Rose

I will put part two up soon. I will try and take it slowly next time. I was just so excited! But thanks!

Feb 20, 2013
Good storyline, Fast Pace, though
by: Katherine

It's a good start. But it seems a little fast paced. I like going into little details when I write. But everyone has different writing styles.

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