Reba - A True Story

by Caroline
(Kildeer, IL)

I met Reba when I was at a horseback riding camp. One of the helpers brought Sammie, Martina and I to a pasture. Her name was Trine the first helper. She showed us a black/brown horse named Ebony and a fuzzy white horse named, Emma. The last was a chestnut mare named Reba.

When I touched her her coat was like velvet. I stood on the fence and hugged her. She didn't spook one bit. I love her. There was a fake papier mache flower on the ground by the pasture. I picked it up and set it by Reba's ear. Still no spooking. She was so sweet. She looked perfect.

Next time I go to horseback riding, I'm going to ask one of the people that are pros at the barn if Reba was a lesson or school horse. School horse I hope. Reba is a diamond to me now, I love her. The best thing that would happen to me is if I could ride her.

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Jun 01, 2016
by: Anonymous

Hello! That is so cool! At the ranch that my grandma owns, Little Feather Ranch, we had a horse named Reba. She was the barn's favorite, the world's smartest too. She was my mom's horse.

She was going to be a pro reiner for my mom but then my grandma wanted a baby from Reba. 11 months later the baby didn't flip and the vet overdosed her A LOT (he won't admit to it either and he really). Anyways, from the overdose Reba passed. The barn was devastated.

We all loved that horse. My mom's near pro reining horse, a horse that was my mom's best friend, a horse that will never be forgotten!

I commented because your Reba sounds exactly like my mom's Reba - same color too. You are so blessed to have such an amazing horse, don't let her go. She sounds perfect!

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