READ and PLEASE comment! (I don't have a title yet) - Part 3

by Destiny

The Stable hand

“This is where your horse, or Asmin will be staying for the week,” She instructed pointing to a very elegant stall.

“Does your horse know English?” She asked “I have started training him in English” I replied “Very well, each time you go out to ride your temporary groom will groom and saddle your horse, all the necessitates.” She replied

“Oh, I wouldn't want you to go through all of that, I enjoy doing the job myself” I replied confused “If you chose so, your tack will be brought to you each morning on your ride, as I have heard that you keep on a schedule” She questioned

“Yes, I do very well, in fact.” I replied “If you change you mind about the groom, please inquire me soon” She said strictly “Also, If you need your tack replaced with new tack, I will see to it you get all the replacements necessary .”

“Thank you, I really appreciate it!” I answered astonished. “Agghh!” I groaned. My schedule “Your schedule will be in your room and another on your horses stall with your tack, and other things.”

I read the schedule, tack cleaning, it was kind of my favorite thing because I got to sit and relax. “Dad always says, that he'd reather sped money to keep safe then sped money to pay for a broken arm, by the way, You want to go for a ride?” Alice said breaking into my thoughts “I can once I am finished cleaning my tack and saddle.“ I answered, pulling a bucket from under my saddle stand.

“Whatcha doin?” She asked “I am going to pour warm water over these soak them, lather them in soap, soak them again, rinse them, and soak them again, than leave them in the sun to dry, I have to go through that process with my nylon” I replied demonstrated “How long does it take?” She asked “About two hours.” I replied. I then noticed that Alice’s eye’s sparked with enthusiasm.

“I'll help you finish then let's go watch some English jumping or something?” She asked “Sure!” I answered “Oh, wait!” I replied remembering Asmin “I have to wash Asmin!” “I'll get Tucker the groom to do that.” She answered “I have to do him only, he only trust me with water and other various things!” I replied shaking my head “Then I'll get Tucker to wash this and clean you saddle and you and I wash Asmin.” She replied like I was a dummy .

Once we finished we went down the secret tunnel into her room. After that we ourselves took a bath and settled on her couch to watch the Television. “What do you want for your bday?” She asked “Ok, I'd have to make a list of what I' d get if I could “ I replied laughing “No, really?” She asked “Here's a list I made” I answered blushing.

“These aren't even for you?” She replied confused “I get what I need on birthday's, that's what I want, especially since It's Asmin's!”I replied “It's more like it's his bday!” She replied laughing

The next day

“Hunny,” My Mom said placing her hand on my shoulder “How much do you like this girl?” She asked. I was confused “Huh?” “Dad looked at me with a familiar twinkle in his eye “What your Mother means is, do you like this girl enough,” He paused “ That you would want to stay with her this year?” “Yes, I do like her very much, but why would I?” “You Mother and I got a tremendous offer to attend a English riding school in England for free!” He exclaimed

“Really!” I exclaimed “That's great! Where will you stay?” I asked “In a friends that we know.” “So, you want me to stay with the Waynes, this year?” I asked “Yes, I trust Mr. Wayne a lot, and he has opened his house for you to stay, if you agree to stay.” “I'll be going to school, right” “Yes.” My Dad replied.

“Well,” I said scratching my chin thoughtfully teasing my Dad “And?” “Yes!” “We'll e-mail every day, or call!” “But there won't be very good reception out there, so you'll need to e-mail if you need anything.”

“Mom?” I asked approaching Mom in my bedroom as she was packing her cloths. “Yes?” she relied stopping her work “What if there are bullies or something, what if I don't like the school?” I asked.

“I know you'll love this school, Alice said she enjoyed it very much, but if you have a problem just e-mail us and we'll see what we can do. If there are bullies, which I am sure there are, e-mail me, I have tips!” She said with a twinkle in her eye, and gave me a bear hug, that washed all my fears about the new school away.

“Bye, Faith,” Dad said hugging me.

“Bye, Hunny, and remember, e-mail! Don't be nervous about school either!” Mom said, than bending down she said “Try to stay away from gangs, in the school, like groups of girls. And remember, Bad company, corrupts good character.”

I sighed as I watched Mom's car slowly drive away and fade in the distance.

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Dec 08, 2011
by: Author

Sorry about the Misspellings! This is my sloppy copy! So I didn't check the spelling that well...

Nov 11, 2011
by: lucinda

cool story I too think you could be an author when you grow up and I'm sure loads more people would too if they read this story.

Nov 10, 2011
by: lucinda

i noticed two mistakes Hunny is honey and cloths is clothes.

Aug 19, 2011
by: Author

Sorry I don't have more, I couldn't get my story in, i'll try again.... It's READ and PLEASE comment! (I don't have a title yet) part 4

Hopefully I'll find a title soon, look for it on the bottom of the page on part 4.

Jun 07, 2011
by: Author of this story

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! (I have always wanted to be an author!)

I am soo sorry for the misspellings, I will check it through again for the next chapter!

May 28, 2011
by: jennivere

wow man i love this book you should be an author when you grow up! but there are some spelling problems and some parts don't make sense but i think i'm smart enough to figure it out.

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