Read and PLEASE comment! (I don't have a title yet) - Part 2

by Destiny

The next morning I crawled out of bed, today was the day to take the horses out to a bigger pasture, and go to Wayne ranch, that we go every year, around Fall to round up about a three hundred horses and also take them to pasture. That’s one day, we all look forward too, unless you stayed up till 1 watching a new filly!

“Honey, I have three pancakes left, hurry out of bed!” My Mom called out. I looked at the clock, 5:30 it read in large red letters. Once I was ready I ran down the stairs.

“Mom, will we be bringing Asmin, and Jameela?” I asked.

“Well, I’ll be riding Penny’s horse, Cedar. I guess if your Dad thinks’ it’s all right, it’s all right.” Mom said yawning.
I ran outside to ask Dad, but he already had Asmin and Jameela tied up, and was grooming them. “Why don’t you groom Jameela, or Asim?” Dad asked smiling as Jameela nudged him “Do you want to ride Jameela or Asmin?” he asked.

“I think Asmin, since he still is in training.” I answered picking up a dandy brush from my grooming kit.

“Good, I don’t know if I am professional enough to handle that big boy.” Dad said smiling.

“Besides, I am very fond of Jameela, I must admit!” “I can see that!” I answered laughing as I saw that Jameela nuzzling Dad.

“We have about an hour, “Is your Mom up yet?” Dad asked wonderingly.

“Yes, she finishing cleaning up the kitchen.” I answered. “That’s good, because, after I load them up, I have to change my cloths and we’ll hit the road!” Dad said giving putting the grooming cloth in the brush kit.

“Mom, are you ready to go?” I asked running through the house trying to find my new pair of boots.

“Are you trying to find your boots, if you are there in the riding boot closet, and yes I am ready, I only have to take these brownies, bean’s, and chicken out of the oven” She answered quickly rushing throughout the house picking up things here and there.

Before I could answer she was gone. My Mom is awesome! It’s almost like she has ten arms! She can put on beans, bread crumb chicken, and brownies, and they come out perfectibility and they taste great, and most of all they take only a few minutes. She always keep’s the house clean, though we help a lot, Mom does a lot more in the house than Dad and I put together!

I jumped off the couch when Dad came rushing in the house. “What’s wrong” I asked “You need to load Asmin, he’s throwing a fit when I try.” Dad said rushing me outside. I ran outside and walked up to Asmin. I read that when you take to hands and rub there forehead in circular motion it lowers their stress level.

I did just that, and it did seem that Asmin called down a lot. I pulled his lead, slightly and he followed me into the trailer. “That’s funny, he was throwing, a fit, when I tried, he even reared.” Dad said astonished “He just trust’s me” I answered stroking Asmin.

“I think I’ll try the Arab way for horses to trust their owner.” I added. Mom walked out of the house with the food in her hands. “Ok, I’m ready”. “Ok, then if we are all ready we can hit the road!” Dad answered smiling and looking at his watch. “We better get going, or we’ll be late!”

We all jumped in the car and Dad started driving. To the Wayne’s ranch it took about 5 and half hours, so Mom brought suitcases for each of us just in case we stayed a day or two. I felt like a little child, so excited and about to ask as my parent’s drove out of the driveway, “Mom, how many more minuets’ are there till we get there?” of course I didn’t ask that!
After 5 ½ hours we finally reached Wayne’s Ranch. I jumped out of the car and ran to take out the horses from the trailer. “It's freezing!” I exclaimed shivering

“Hey Jack” Said a dark red head with rusty eyebrows walked up to us, that was Mr. Wayne. Dad turned and faced Mr. Wayne “Hey, Tom, what’s up?” My Dad asked “Nothing much, but the usual, but we are sure glad to have you here today!!!” Mr. Wayne exclaimed excitedly.

“Mr. Wayne, I was wondering where Mrs. Wayne is?” Mom asked “Oh, here she comes right now, and she brought Alice.” Mr. Wayne said motioning towards a Brunette, which was probably his wife, and then a younger girl with Red hair, walked also towards us. “Meet my family; this is my wife, Penny, and my daughter Alice.”

He said motioning to Mrs. Wayne. “It’s so nice to meet you.” Mom and I exclaimed at the same time. Alice smiled shyly and said “Nice to meet you too! Why don’t you come with me after you unload the horses, and see my horse, then we can ride out together, since you are about an hour and a half early!” she exclaimed shyly.

The reason we had never met the Mother and daughter was because they usually were out of town, with the Mother’s parents. Dad looked at his watch and laughing he exclaimed “I forgot about, daylight savings time! We were rushing out hoping we weren’t late, but were an hour early!” Everyone laughed. Me and Alice giggled as we watched Mrs. Wayne and my Mom bustle off talking..

I finished unloading the horses, and hurried to tack them up. Once I was finished I ran over to Alice. “Ok, I am ready.” I exclaimed. “What breed is your horse?” I asked when we reached the barn “Anglo, What is yours? It looks like Arabian.” She told me. Anglo is part bred thoroughbred and Arabian.   

“Mine, is pure bred Arabian.” I answered “Do you want to ride?” She asked “Sure!” I answered as I mounted “I haven’t loped Asmin yet, so I think I’ll take it slow.” I said trotting after Alice.

After a while of getting to know her, I suggested it was time to get back. “Your back, I have bad news,” My father said mournfully “You won’t be able to go on the round-up but you can stay here.” He said nodding his head as a friend passed by “How come?” I asked dismally “Well, this year it’s just the adults.” He replied “I guess I’ll get settled in” I replied.

It was a funny feeling; I was half glad and half sad. I wanted to stay with the Wayne’s. Dad interrupted my thought “And Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Wayne won’t be here, only their other daughter, and a ranch helper.” He announced.

“Let’s get you settled in, and the horses.” Alice said breaking the silence. As we walked through the backyard I looked at it in awe. It was a very nice ranch, log cabin, with huge windows, with red lining, the huge logs, with an oak color, gave it a nice ranchy touch.

I walked up the sand walkway, the flowers, bushes, and large oak trees surrounding me. I walked up the red stone steps, into the large oak deck, that surrounded me,  and listened to the flow of the little water fall on the side of the house.

“This is the backyard; Mom is an “outside” person.” She said giggling. I opened the door, and the inside was beautiful! There right in front was a beautiful ranch kitchen and in front of the kitchen bar was a huge living room with huge windows around the whole room. A huge fireplace looked very inviting also, with a TV above it.

Then behind the living room was a winding stairs with a door underneath. “Faith?” Alice asked giggling “oh, sorry,” I exclaimed laughing “I haven’t seen a house like this in a while!” “The guests rooms are up those stairs” Alice said motioning to the stairs, and escorting me to my room, up the stairs that seemed to never end. She opened the door where right in front was a huge deck for me to look out over looking the backyard (Or the rain forest).

There were two queen sized beds with two cow-hide blankets draped over them, and comforters with horse galloping through green grass On the left side were three leather couches and a bearskin hide on the floor and a fireplace also, as I had seen in the living room. “This is one of the guestrooms...” Alice said giggling at my amazement
“You want to see my room?” She asked “Sure!” I replied. She walked down the stairs to the door which I was most curious about. Her room was NOT ranchy, but all pink Zebra, the beds. Rugs, even the walls. This made my eyes swirl. Two beds sat beside each other with a window out looking the pastures of the horses.

“This is beautiful” I exclaimed. Alice blushed shyly. She showed me the bathroom, I started to burst out laughter.

“Sorry!” I exclaimed. Alice looked very confused. The floor of the bathroom was zebra, the mirror rim and much of the bathroom! “I just have never seen a room like this!” I said giggling “I thought so “She replied giggling. Then she motioning to two little zebra models

“Pull those upright,” She instructed “Then I'll move my bed” After finishing her instruction's a little door where the head board of the bed used to be pulled out “Wow,” I exclaimed “A secret door!”

“When we first got this house I asked Mom for a secret door..” she murmured slowly.

After looking at several other rooms, I knew it was time that we get the horses settled in...

“Well, we better get the horses settled in!” I mumbled “Sure!” She said heading towards her room

“Which way is the barn?' I asked getting the idea she was going to let me do it alone “We can go through my secret hideout if you want,” She asked

“What about it?” “Let's go!!” I replied excited. I followed her into the room and repeated the process I stepped into the little tunnel “Just follow it till it has a fork in the tunnel,”She instructed. There were three forks in the road, still wondering what the rest lead too, she instructed me to take a right. Then we went a little ways until there stood a door, I opened it then , it opened into the hay shed, or barn.

“Here we are!” She said looking around trying to spot my horse. “I tied him unto the hitching post where there is the other palomino is” I said hastily looking at the time on my watch

Part 3 will be coming VERY soon, please tell me what you think! I would of posted more, but there was a minimum of a 1000 letters!

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Feb 02, 2013
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by: essays writing

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Sep 04, 2011
Love it!
by: Shine

i just finished part 1 and now I finished part 2, can't wait till you put in more! And I love the detail of Alice's room, lol! Thanks!

May 27, 2011
by: Ann

Yes I did, and I love it too.:D

May 26, 2011
by: Auther

Thanks, Anne! Did you read part 1?

May 24, 2011
I love It!!!
by: Ann

I love it! Please write more!!!!!

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