READ and PLEASE COMMENT! (I don't have a title ye) Part 6

by Destiny

"Asmin's missing!" I yelled through the whistling of the snow.

"The phone lines are down!" Atina yelled back tossing her phone in my direction. "They usually go down when it snows!"

"Great." I thought, Asmin's missing, and the phone lines are down?

"Just jump in the car and I'll see what we can do at home!"

At HOME? I thought if we hadn't gone here in the first place, I wouldn't have lost Asmin, and I wouldn't have been separated from my parents! WHY would I call this home!?! Asmin could be anywhere, and you want to go HOME?!?

Reluctantly I plopped in the car with angry thoughts running through my head.

"SURPRISE!" A chorus of shrills yelled as I stepped in Susan's house.


I flipped the light switch on; it looked like an army of people had come over to Susan's house to celebrate my birthday!

All that night I opened cards and read them aloud, ate cake and ice-cream, to please the girls that made the party happen, because I knew how much work had gone through to make the part happen. But thoughts of what could be happening to Asmin were running through my head.

"Time for presents!" Susan yelled throwing a present in my direction. For about 30 minutes I tossed the birthday bags on the couch and reveled the surprises... About 10 different city outfits, and 10 Cowgirl outfits, a new English saddle, Saddle pad, Bridle, English style and Western boots, britches, vest, and showing outfit, and helmet.

"Thank you guys so much, now I know why I kept seeing twinkling eyes, and that, ghost!" I said as I gave each of them a hug.

"Alice and Grace, we have to head home right away, before we can't drive at all? Jasmine said running in the door."

"Awwww!" Susan said grabbing my arm. "I wish you could stay longer!"

"Me too, and thank you soo much!" I said grabbing my coat and shutting the door behind me and Alice.

"You want to watch a movie tonight?"

"Honestly 'd love to, but I have to get to bed!" I replied flopping on my bed, and struggling to take my boots off.

"Did you hear?" I asked.

"What?" Alice asked grabbing a cup of hot chocolate, that Jasmine brought up. "About Asmin?"

"Yeah, the security always comes out and tries to find animals that are missing, don't worry, in the morning they'll have them in the barn." She replied patting my back, and hopping off the couch.

"Does anyone ever understand?" I whispered to myself. No one here were true cowgirls, they just went through the motions! Jasmine was probably the only true cowgirl around here, and the only one that would understand.

"Miss, is Jasmine awake?" I asked a housekeeper that was passing by.

"No, she just went to bed."

"Good Morning, Grace!" Jasmine chimed as I tumbled down the stairs, and landed on my booty.

"The snows so deep, that the police couldn't go out to find missing people, apparently, there's another storm coming this way!"

"Wow." I answered bluntly. Then it hit me. "Asmin.." I whispered hoarsely.

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Sep 02, 2011
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please write more!! this story is the best I have read!!!

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