rancho luz del sol

by roxi
(spain almeria cucador)

horses are my dream i have loved horses since i was 3 years old and i started riding when i was 4 years and i got my own horse when i was 6 and a half i just love horses.

i am 16 and i would prefer to ride and be with horses than out having fun with my friends but saying that i have loads of fun at rinding to and by the way my horse is a stallion called toby. i love him to bits.

my mum is a show jumper and has 6 horses of her own. their names are: elsie, nita, amy, princess, mila and bella. she loves horses so so so much .i am down at the stables every day my mum is down there all the time.

i finish school at 2 and i am down at the stables by 2.30 i go home at 10 and am back down there at 5 the next morning and at weekends i am there the hole day. i hope you like my life i love it .

by roxi age 16

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Apr 03, 2009
by: horselover

thats really cool your life seems really nice

great page add more soon



Oct 05, 2008
by: Sandy

I LOVE your life - I wish I were living it.You are so lucky to be living with horses everyday. I also started riding at four. My first pony was a Welsh one called Whisky. After that I had a bigger pony called Cocoa then a Chestnut stallion called Sun Dance. But now we've moved away from the farm and I miss the horses sooooooooooo much.

I fully agree with you- spending time with you horse is so much more fun then spending time around family and friends. Love you

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