Rainy Day

by Caroline



We spent a whole week readying our ponies to ride in an equitation show. As it was going to be my first show I was doing walk/trot on my amazing loaned pony Smoaky. I would have done jumping if it had been there, probably around 2 feet. (I now jump 2'6.)

We washed all the tack, the horses, and we rented show coats. I even bought new breeches and half-chaps for the occasion. My friend Cory, who hadn't called in time to get a place in the show, and I, woke up at 5 in the morning to get ready (she was a groom). But at 5:30am, we were about to leave, but we heard thunder. And saw lightning.

After about 2 weeks of preparing and nervousness, it started pouring down. And my riding instructor called, and said that obviously, we couldn't go. I am going to bigger shows (still havn't been in one) in the fall, though.

And hopefully jumping shows, I'm best at it and I love the feeling. ]<3 Smoaky!! (Picture : Smoaky after his grooming for the show.)

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Rainy day
by: Whitney

Soooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooolll!!!

Your horse is so cute!
by: Katie

There are always other shows, and your horse is so cute!!!

by: Allison

P.S. I am for Texas 2!!!!!!!!!

What stables do you ride at?

by: Allison

That just sounds horrible!!! That happened to me 1 time i was soooooo disappointed!!!

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