Rainbow Horseshoes vs Smokey Claws

by Jordan

Note: I do not own a horse so my writing may be a bit behind.

Characters (The Good)

Lexiana: So.....I made that name up (I like it!) She is the "leader" of the Rainbow Horseshoes (a club)

Mariana: Made that name up too! Little sister of Lexiana. Owns a skewbald unicorn named Coconut or Coco

Wings of Color: A beautiful rainbow-colored "Unipeg". Wings as a nickname. The main character who is NOT in the Rainbow Horseshoes, yet, can also shape-shift.

Rainbow: Well, this is a group. Each magic horse is a unique color. Ruby (red), Tango (orange), Daisy (yellow), Fern (green), Skye (blue), and Plum (purple)

Characters (The Bad)

Regina: Leader of Smokey Claws. Means queen. Sounds a bit mean so I used it as a bad guy.

Azriel's: Again, a group. They are cats. They are: Azrielle, Azriella, Azrielina, Azriela, and Azrielica.

Part One

Hi, my name is Wings of Color but you can call me Wings. I am not part of the Rainbow Horseshoes... although I am preparing to. There's also the Smokey Claws. **Shudder** They are BAD!

Hmmm... if I appear like this, will the other horses there be jealous at my astonishing rainbow color? Now let me shape-shift into a dapple grey horse. **Whirl** Ta da! Hmmm... my dapples look like dew. Hey, I shall name myself Just Dew It!

Alright, I'm on my (short) journey to the place where the Rainbow Horseshoes (also called the Rain Horses) are. Soon, I arrive. I trot proudly over to Lexiana, called Lexi for short. I try to raise my legs up higher and higher with each step. I ignore the Rain Horses' odd look at me.


"Whoa, you look like a nice cute horse but you are not magical, and we accept magical horses only. Sorry, but you are not accepted."

I groan. I wonder if I should tell Lexi and Mari that I am magical, or not. No is my answer so I walk back slowly.

Part Two

I was walking back to my place in the woods when, CRASH! Ruby came in, sweating like she ran an extra long marathon. I hurried over to a bush super duper near the clearing they were in and morphed into a playful, young, rabbit.

Ruby eyed the other horses and said angrily in her signature angry voice,"AS YOU ALREADY KNOW, ME AND TANGO WERE TAKING A WALK. THEN WE---"

"Calm down and speak quietly. We cannot understand you, if you are rushing so fast." Skye and Fern said in unison. Everybody just calls them Unison.

The bright red ponycorn swept her eyes around the measly crowd of ponycorns, Lexi, and Mari. She took one, two, three ginormous sighs and said, "We found Regina on the way and we realized we were dangerously close to their HQ. You know Tango is bold, so she charged at Regina, and, and, annnnddddddd... Regina captured her!"

Silence, silence, silence. That was the reaction Ruby got, along with the speechless, petrified, stares of everybody, of course. I too, was spellbound.

Finally, a minute later, which was like a GAZILLION years, Plum broke the silence, "Well, I think you should have not gone there at all. I always thought Tango was smart with what she did, well, not now. Period." We could see Ruby was furious now.

Silence, again.

This time, Daisy broke the silence, "Oh don't worry, Plum always doesn't warm up that fast. But you know she is very nice, if she is warm currently."

Then as they chatted on, I learned about their personalities. Ruby gets angry easily. Tango is Bold. Daisy is a chipper pony. Fern and Skye are both super calm and always go with the flow. And Plum, if she isn't warmed up inside, she is grouchy, and if she is warm she is nice.

I quickly go back to where I like to stay. It was, by my expert picking, perfect. It had lots of sweet grass, is roomy, and is close to the Rain Horses. Then, something gallops it's way in my head.

Part Three

I had an idea--it was to go free Tango myself. It's doing a good deed and I can probably get a place in the Rain Horses!

I think about what to transform into. A bald eagle! Well, it's a good idea, because turning into something like a kitten wouldn't still let me FLLYYYY!!!!!!

*Transforming into bald eagle*

So I go on, totally satisfied with my choice.

Soon after, I am very tired and hungry. So I go perch in a tree. I rest for EXACTLY 7 minutes and I look down. There is a river and I see a fish. Boy, am I glad I have good eyesight as an eagle.

I swooooop down, in true eagle fashion, and get the fish.

I enjoy my absolutely spectacular dinner and fly to a different tree.

Wait, it is night time! Wow, that was fast. Maybe I should try to fix my totally slow speed in flying. Oh well, try better next time.

I am very sleepy so I close my eyes and imagine me saving Tango. Soon I go to ssll...eeee...pp.

Author's Note: Is this lame? "Improving comments" are allowed. I would like to know what you think so far. Thanks!

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Dec 10, 2016
by: hoofbeats10

This story is cool, keep writing, it's not lame at all!

Sep 08, 2016
by: Aspen

I like it, I like how "just dew it" is so scared and timid kinda it's very loving and careful. Please write more, I'll be reading!!

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