Racer Buddy!!

by Katty
(Wilton, Ca, U.S.A)

I live on an... eight acre farm... I think! Anyway, I live here and have two horses- Petey; a fifteen year old miniature horse that is the color of a pumpkin pie, really, he is. And Lily of the Valley, or just plain Lily; she is a fifteen almost sixteen year old black, reddish, white and brown welsh pony/quarter horse crossbreed. I looooove them a lot.

Petey is a STALLION and is not completely halter broken, he comes to me any time I go to the fence or in the pasture, he is really, really calm, he loves everyone, mainly me, he lets me lead him around when I FINALLY get the halter on, but he just does NOT let me put the halter on without a big struggle, I have to trick him into it!! Does anyone have any ideas on how I can halter train him? If you do, just let me know.

I also have a job caring for a two year old, fresh off the track, retired race horse. Her name is Marley, she is a real love, but I have trouble because of how much bigger she is then me, she had a chipped bone, so she needs a lot of care and love and attention. She chipped her bone in a race, she was about to win it, but the she chipped a bone in her knee and kept running, she got second place in that race, but her owners were going to send her to the slaughterhouse because she couldn't race anymore.

Well,a friend of my neighbor rescued Marley and brought her to my neighbor's place because she has nice big stalls for the horse. Now I have a job caring, cleaning and walking Marley. Cool, right!! Apparently Marley was on the news. It has been about three or four weeks since the race, and Marley is doing GREAT!!!!:)

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