by Elizabeth

Photo credit: Guillermoleconde via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: Guillermoleconde via I'd Pin That


I stared out the car window, there really was nothing to do in the long car ride we had.
We were moving from California to Colorado.
When all my friends heard that I was moving, they all started crying. They all said that my mom and dad were stupid for making such a big move!

"I mean its it's such a big move! And very different surroundings!" Blare (my BFF) yelled at me like it was my fault that we were moving! She quickly realized her mistake. " oh I'm sorry Beth, I didn't mean to make it sound like it's your fault."

"So are you excited?" Asked my mom, interrupting my thoughts.
"Well, you try on my shoes." I said a little mad," Being taken away from her friends probably never seeing them again! And! Being forced to not go to her first dance! A boy was going to ask e out but we had to move! Just because it was for a stupid JOB!" I yelled at them both.
An awkward silence filled the air as I half regretted what I said, but then glad that my parents new how I felt.

There was no talking for along time.

I looked out the window at the surroundings. So far, there was meadows with green grass and flowers here and there. Just enough to make it beautiful.
I looked up a little farther and was getting sad.
The meadows started to fade. Right at the beginning of the gate.

The gate seemed to go on and on with nothing in it. A flash of light zoomed past me!
I jumped back in shock no knowing what that was!
The flash of light thing came back but slower.
"Wow." I gasped as a horse came galloping back from the end of the paddock.
It was buckskin for all that I could tell. It had fore black socks and black main and tail.
The horse stayed pace with the car, and probably thought that I was a dope just starring at him.
The paddock ended and introduced a stable.
"I have to see that horse," I mumbled to myself," I'm going to see him."

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Feb 07, 2015
keep on writing!
by: Anonymous

plz keep writing this its super cool so far!

Jan 03, 2015
off to a good start!
by: Sydney from HorseCrazyGirls.com

I hope you can write more. Share Part II in the comments below so we can keep the story together. :)

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