Queen Jemma

by Jemma
(Crownsville, MD)

Hey I'm queen Jemma or Jemma for short. This is my page. I LOVE LOVE LOVE horses, my favorite color is purple, I take horseback riding and I'mm starting up again after a break. I'm recently on trotting, and I'm very creative and love to make crafts.

Let me tell you what my dream horse looks like: I want her to be a girl, either want her to be bay or pure white maybe even jet black, brown eyes, sweet as sugar, and would never buck me off, loves carrots, apples, and SUGAR, likes to ride on the beach or on trail rides through the forest.

I want her to always come to me when I whistle no matter what, and MOST importantly I want her to LOVE AND OBEY me. Well now you know me and my dream horse, BYE!!!!

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