Prize-Winning Palomino - Part 1

by Hayley
(Whangarei, NZ)

Photo credit: MrKlean via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: MrKlean via I'd Pin That

It was September 12 2017, about five o'clock when I first arrived at the wild racers thoroughbred farm, in Kentucky. It was a nice bright colourful autumn afternoon. The sun was starting to set in the lush leaf covered hills.

My dad and I hopped out of our red mud splattered Holden Colorado and on to Seth Quincy's (the owner) dusty driveway.

"Wait here" my dad said.

He wandered on over to the main house next to the modern looking barn and raped on the door.

A scruffy looking man in about his seventies opened the door. All I could see from the car was Seth and my dad shaking hands firmly and having a full serious conversation. I sighed. My dad had dragged me along to find two thoroughbreds for his breeding program back in New Zealand. He had been determined to start racing horses all over the world. His life long dream was to send one of his horses to the Kentucky derby. My dreams where set on being a Olympic show jumper. I had no interest in horse racing.

Seth and my dad finished talking and ambled towards the barn. My dad waved for me to come over.

My first impression of Seth was that he was a grumpy, miserable old man. He had a ruff voice and dark eyes. He was hunched over and looked unhealthy. I had been right from the beginning. He hadn't shown any horseman ship from day one and I was about to find out how evil he really was.

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