Pony Ponderings

Well, I started riding when I was 7 but my first ride ended in disaster.I was only 2 but the horse spooked and I flew off backwards!!I am now a intermediate western rider with two horses.My first horse was a 14 year old welsh pony named Star.I rode her for 3 years but she started to buck and I can't ride her anymore.I still absolutly love her.I now have a 12 year old reining Quarter horse named Cinch.He is such a sweetheart!!Star is a bay and Cinch is a light strawberry roan.I have a ranch house and 5 acers to play on.I am 11 and I LOVE horses.I want to grow up and be a vet and a Quarter horse breeder.I can't wait to be a vet!!THAT is why I am Horsecrazy!!

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