by Ghost Rider

I began with horses at the age of four years old
I must add that my first encounter with a horse wasn't a good one. However, when I over came that and found reason in why the bad encounter happened that's when my crazy love for horses began to grow and grow and until today my love has never wavered.

Through my years I found that horses teach us that frankly what I believe is that much of our society lacks, Heart, Mind and Soul. The most enlightening and wonderful study I ever done was about the horse. I yet still study the horse. It just never ends. Horses have a spiritual reasoning about them that I just can find anywhere else.

When I first began learning natural horsemanship, I spent a great deal of time listening and watching and asking questions. I really still do. though through my years I have had to struggle as far as money thus for I know I am not alone, but however God has blessed me through my years to work with many horses. and this is how I began learning about horses, I would read, listen.

I ask questions, sit for hours watching horses in pastures and most of all I did nothing I didn't feel sure of what I was doing. Horses love clarity, as I do myself. Horses are very simple I found in my years and in my findings I found I had to not complicate my thinking to help the horse understand what I wanted from them.

This site is the most wonderful site I have found for just plain horse crazy girls a perfect place for girls to help each other become the best they can be in life and horsemanship.

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