by Molly
(Florida, U.S.A.)

Hey do have an Appy or a P.O.A.? If you don't know what I'm talking about you probably don't have one.

If you do, please feel free to contact me because I'd love to share stories and funny incedences and discussions. Even if you don't have a horse or an Appy please talk to me.

I'm new on this site and I have always wanted someone to discuss horses with. Thanks a lot! Bye!

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Nov 29, 2010
by: ranchgirl

An Appy is short for Appaloosa. I know two (Eco and Blaze)

May 02, 2010
A Appy is...
by: Nicole

A Appy is a nickname for the horse breed APPALOOSA, the APPALOOSA is a unique breed because of it characteristics like striped hooves, short, thin mane and tail, their coat is spotted or a roan,and lots of other stuff!!!!!! I have a APPALOOSA x Quarter Horse her name is Jewel, Jewel is a red roan with the short mane and tail, she has a few characteristics of the APPALOOSA but not many or all since she is APPALOOSA and Quarter Horse!!!

is poalevi9 your HOWRSE user name???

Apr 29, 2010
by: Anna

My trainer has a POA. his name is Rusty and he is in his 30s. I have a horse of my own named Pepper!
The first time I fell off a horse was on Rusty! I was ridin bareback and he took off with me and when I feel off, I fell into the fence. OUCH! I still ride him time to time, but he is also really old.

Apr 29, 2010
Hi Molly
by: Michelle

Welcome to Horsecrazygirls. I am new as well.

I have lots and lots of plastic model horses. I like to talk about them, and I take pictures of them with other toys. They have stables and I am saving up for a Barn. I want to put videos on Youtube, but, I haven't learned how to do it yet.

I don't have a live horse. I'm not all that interested in owning one, but, I love my toys very much! I enjoy making the scenery up for them, and am always on the lookout for horses and other farm animals at garage sales and opp shops.

I also like to decorate my plastic friends with little rugs which I crochet for them. I have real hay on the floor in the little stables, and, If I could do whatever I want, I'd have fresh hay on the floor in my room too! How COOL would that be?

I'm very curious as to what an Appy is and looking forward to your reply Molly!

Apr 29, 2010
by: Michelle

Hi, no, I don't know what is an Appy? Please tell me? lol.

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