by Allison
(Texas, US)

I 've tried sooo hard to convice my parents to let me take riding lessons and finally after about 7 years of constant begging they are finally letting me take lessons. There's just 1 problem! My grandparents are paying for it and can't continue!!!

I am only 11 and can't get a job. I don't get allowance EVER!!! I've tried everything lemonade stand, car wash and nothing, nobody bothered to show up! How can I get the money to continue to take lessons???

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Nov 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

ah that happened to me once! I wish I lived by u so u could ride my horse! (4 free) but you could work in exchange for lessons or u could volunteer at a rescue place and sometimes they need people to ride there horses so you could do that. but try to find someone who will let you do it for free or maybe if someone at your barn needs someone to ride there horse you could ride theirs!

Dec 27, 2011
Do lessons forever without paying a penny
by: Anonymous

I have ridden for 5 years now and I haven't paid anything!

I have exchange doing barn chores for lessons for 5 years now!


Though, my last horse teacher refused to let us pay her, and she never told us to do any barn chores.
She'd helped us tack up, then she let us ride ANYWHERE on her property.

I even got to sorta trail around on her road!

(Her road was not busy by the way)

Anyway, just ask your horse teacher if she'll let you do barn chores in exchange for lessons.

I hope you'll get to continue riding lessons!


Dec 19, 2010
Dont worry
by: Megan b

Well there are lots of way you can earn money how about dog walking? How about you ask your parents if they'll pay for your lessons and in return you help washing up cleaning the car stuff like that if you cant ride why dont you help out at the stables that way you'll make freinds who have ponies or horses then at least you'll be with horses and ponies

Hope some of this advice works, dont worry : )

Oct 17, 2010
by: Lex

You can work at the place where you used to get lessons. Usually they let muck up stalls if your a beginner rider and if your really good at riding you can teach lessons. Have a garage sale. When I needed some extra money, I had a yard sale and ended up with $40.

If you live in a good town you can have donations. Like you can go to the store and say to people "I need some extra money so I can get riding lessons." but if someone says that they forgot their wallet in their car don't go with them. You might want to go with a friend or an adult.

Hope these ideas help.

Sep 09, 2010
by: Evangeline

well if youre REALLY desprate for lessons try asking the stable if for exchange for lessons you would do horsey chores.

Aug 11, 2010
1 word
by: pooper scooper

here's what you can try

Well some people (like me) take care of horses when other people are away. I cant bring them in so I do hay, do stalls and water and feed. My friend is on holiday and she's paying me to brush her ponies because somebody else does the other stuff so you can chose what you like. I'm not bothered what I do really I just want the money for new horse stuff or pay for my lessons so not really bothered.

Aug 09, 2010
try this
by: stuck

i have practically the same problem only its my parent whos paying, (i only have one parent as my dad passed away) anyway, my riding fee is £12, which sometimes she cant afford because of having 4 children and only a small job, even though i am the only on one with a serious hobby.

when my mom cant afford the fee i ask if i can help out at the stables, this is what i say, this should work for you too, Is there anyway i could help out at the stables, so i can get my lesson for free this week like mucking out and sweeping the yard, all the jobs other people dont want to do, there answer is usually yes but if it is no then try getting a small job at some other stables where you go on weekends to help clean the stalls and yards (i do this) which should pay at least some of the fee and as your parents for the rest (takes a lot of chores and favours though)

Hope this helps
(btw I'm 10)

Aug 08, 2010
I have the solution
by: Kayley

I have the same problem. But I finally came to the concusion. Five words: Braiding horses manes and tails. This is usually better to do in english riding stables, as they show lots. Print out posters and post them at local horse stables, tack shops, western wear shops, etc. and wait for people to contact you. People pay 60-90 dollars for the mane and tail, but its usually good for a beginner to start at about 30-50. I hope I helped. I am going to do the same thing.

Aug 04, 2010
by: Allison

thanks I really want to do that and I sent u an E-mail, did u get it?

Jul 31, 2010
by: Sydney

Try to find someone at your barn that will let you ride their horse when they can't.

Jan 30, 2011
I also take lessons
by: Horserider

Well I have a few ideas...

1-You could ask people at your barn if they need extra help with stuff. Like mucking out stalls, feeding the horses.

2- have you tried babysitting? You could ask some of your family or friends if they need you to watch their kids.

3- Your could do yard work for your neighbors, In the winter you could shovel snow. In the summer mow the lawn.

4- You could walk dogs for your family.

5- GARAGE SALE!!! Take some of your old toys, books... and have a garage sale.

6- Get your friends to help you with a car wash.

7- If your good at sports you could teach some of your neighbors.

Hope it helps:) I really hope you will continue to take lessons. I take them to, I could not imagine what I would do without horses!!! Try all these ideas(If you want) Best wishes!

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