Please help me with names for my foal coming soon!

by Sarah

Please help! My 12 old Pure-bred arabian Mare is having a foal soon, I don't know if it is a boy or a girl, and the foal will be expected sometime around summer, like June. I know it's early, but soon it wont be! please post your favorite foal names and remember: no show names, I dont want stuff like, showmethemoney I need foal names, boy and girl, please do some boy and girl names when you post , thanks

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Aug 31, 2014
foal help
by: run like theres no tomorrow

I have a friesian stallion and mare i need help for the foal that the mare is going to have. The foal is a boy I already have a show name ( run like the wind) I need a name that goes with the show name i need your help..
I have 3 names help me pic




Or onyx help please..

Feb 04, 2013
baby names
by: barb sweesy

girl: Gidget

boy: Gibby

Feb 28, 2011
Foal Names =)
by: Leah

I do not know if it is too late to send names but maybe this will help you lots!!!

GIRL: Freckles (Boy or Girl Name)
Shiloh ( Boy or Girl Name) Meaning:The Peacful One
Dakota ( Boy Or Girl Name)

BOY: Cadet
Hope This Helps!!!
P.S Is there any way you can send pics of the foal on to this web-site!! If not that is okay too!!

Jan 02, 2011
What Happened???
by: Anonymous

What happened to the horse names page and the horse drawing page????? Where are they????

Note from Sydney: We're currently updating these pages. We'll have them up soon.

May 20, 2010
the name
by: olivia

I think if it is a boy you could name it chestnut.
A girl it could b grace, i like flicka too!


Jan 05, 2010
It all comes together
by: Peppipony

I think you should wait - once you see the foal the name that is right will come to you. If not, what comes to mind o what does the foal remind you of? Despite my, and many others theories, here are a few names that I love: (If the foal hasn't been born yet)

Girls: Flicka, Dandelion (Dandy), Sugar, Breeze, May, Rose, Honey, Flora, Misty, Destiny and Hope.

Boys: Spud, Spunk, Spark, Storm, eel, Pepper, Silverado, Ghost, Bud, Flash, Copper, Flare/Flame,
Mozart, Benji and Oscar.

Hope that helps!!!
Even though its probably too late!!!

Jan 04, 2010
If i had a foal
by: Melissa

if i had a foal i would call it something like cracker or poppet because there used to be a foal at my stables called cracker and i just love the name poppet also cracker could be a boy or a girl horses name but i think poppet is more of a girl ponies name.

Sep 15, 2009
by: Brave Meadows gurl

Well you should wait itle the baby comes out first name it what it reminds u of

Jun 14, 2009
Horse names
by: Hannah V

My horse had her baby on april 19. The whole time before the baby was born we thought of names here are some of them. Dakota ,Bandit, Star, Buckshot. Then came the big day and we wanted the name to be....Dakota!!! Ilove him so MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ilove his mom so MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ilove his uncle so MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 19, 2009
Horse Name
by: Hannah

I don't know if I'm too late or not but if I were you I would wait Until the foal is born. Frist see if it's a boy or girl, then wait a day or two to get to know the foal's personality. Trust me, when you think of the right name, you'll know it. ;)

Jan 28, 2009
by: Windcall

Hi! I don't know if it's too late or not, but here are some cool names that I have collected in my files.
Girl: Faerie, Flicka, Dannsair, Skye, Dawn, Swoop, Storm Bird, Swift Serene, Seraph
Boy: Cadet, Willow King, Soldier Boy, Flame, Fuego ("fire"), Illusionist, Vanest ("thunder")
Either: Flame, Sahara, Footloose, Ideal, Aden ("little fire"), Shantahn ("proud stride"), Fray, Wake, Octave
I hope you like them! "Shantahn" and "Vanest" are words in a language I am in the process of inventing. They just SOUND like their definitions to me.

Windcall *:-)

Dec 31, 2008
Horse names

Here are a few common horse names you could name your foal: Honey, Sugar, Coffee, Toffee, Cinnamon, Almond, Caramel, Shiloh, Savanna, Rebel, Joker, Mermaid, Daisy, Knight and Sweetheart. These are all the simple names I can think of right now. You'll find a lot more on the Horse names page. Hope you find a name you like

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