PLEASE HELP! Can't get gifts on CPP!

by MissBarrel

OK, I need one last thing for the scavenger hunt and that is the pal request card. I have 1 pal and she sent it to me like twice, but I still haven't gotten it. I tried refreshing the page, but that didn't work either. Please help me!

Also, if you know of any other easy ways of making enough money for a pony at Olson's that would be great! Thanks!

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Feb 07, 2011
by: RustyGirl

I'm guessing you needed the pal request card. I've sent one to MissBarrel on Club Pony Pals, so I'm hoping you get it.

There are lots of ways to make Wiggins Bucks -

*Buy Bucks with real money
*Mail the letter
*Find Scout, the kitten, and take him back to the barn
*Groom Splash and Daisy
*Pick all the apples along the trails and sell them at the Green Market
*Get a photo of the trapper on the Forest Adventure trail (one trail from the fence where Pony Pal Derby is up to the mansion) and turn it in at Wiggins mansion
*Play minigames
*Have a top 10 high score on Pony Pal Derby, the Scavenger hunt or a math game at the end of the week
*Do quests
*Watch videos to earn bucks (look under "Get Bucks")
*Enter contests in the Wiggins Weekly (look under "News")

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