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by Sabrina
(Middle East)

Me and Angel!

Me and Angel!

I'm Sabrina and i love horses. Many people's wishes is to have a horse, right! well i got a horse and want to share all my true stories with you. I always jump. It's so easy and fun, and one day when i was riding my horse Angelbay. But we call her Angel for short.

And this girl, who wasn't so good at jumping was on a really high spirited Arabian when she was jumping. She was practicing for the championships. And that Arabian called Spirit actually bucked! And then she fell off and Spirit kept on galloping around the place. It was soooo scary! And when that happened none of the horses moved. Just in case they started galloping too. But there was one black stallion called Luis who wanted to join spirit!

It was scary! But the girl went and rode again thankfully! Because that is what you have to do! never give up! :)

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