Party For a New Pony

by Brenda
(Oklahoma city OK)

We were going to have a new four legged friend coming. It was going to be Abby my cousin's first pony and she wanted me and my cousin Alexis to come over and see her pony mare and with our horses too. When we arrived a pick up truck with a trailer also arrived a 13.2 pony was inside. Abby said "That's my pony!" As they unloaded the pony Alexis went running towards her.

"Hello alexis this is your 1st pony, enjoy" the man from the pony told alexis. "Oh and alexis give her a very good home, and her name is Buttercup."

We put buttercup in the first box on the left. We groomed and washed buttercup we also helped and we also washed our horses. "Could this day get any better? I mean I have a pony now I could ride with you guys."

"Alexis maybe it could get any better..."

"What do you trying to say big cousin Brenda?"

"yeah Brenda what are you trying to say?"

Well alexis got her first pony?"

"Well if it's her first pony we should celebrate."

"That's a great idea brenda, but how?"

"Well alexis since im the oldest we could ask permission if we could stay the night her at your house and we will ride in the night. I will take good care of you"

We asked permission and they all agreed. I called Alexis and Abby they said "yes".

When the night came we took our horses and we rode in a huge field.

"Hey guys?"

"Yes alexis"

"Could this day get any better?"

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Jul 18, 2011
by: Anna M.

That's the perfect way to celebrate your first pony! Riding throughout the moonlight must have been wonderful!

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