by Hannah

Well we have a trail through ours woods and some others that connect to it and it goes into a little tiny meadow then back on the trail. Well, my now brothers paint horse, Chico, who was kinda ''rescued'' but when we got him my mom was told that he was a athletic beautiful palomino pinto that would be great for jumping. Well, he is a stocky paint horse that is lame and hurts sometimes. But I still love him.

Well anyways, Christmas of 2008 I was dying for a racing tack set. Well, Guess what I got? A real racing saddle worn by real race horses, brand new aqua racing bridle, yoke and reins, real jockey silks worn by actual jockeys, and a racing saddle blanket that was worn by real race horses in races.

Well I -tried- to go out and tack up my paint/tb cross gelding and... it didnt go out so well.. He was being a pain as usual and would not let me tack him up, and all I wanted to do was tack him up as he wasn't trained to ride yet. So I went and got wonderful kid proof Chico and tacked him up and got on him and went through the woods on the trail.

He trotted and cantered as if he thought he was a real race horses and he probably thought ''This tack is light... I like it!'' We walked trotted and cantered through the woods and had a blast. Then we came cantering back to the barn. He is such a great horse and I gave him to my brother as I don't use him and he needs a horse he can ride as hes a kindergartner. Chico is just the best horse and even though his legs and feet hurt, he give's you the most he can. :)
Ive posted a photo of us that day. :)

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