I love horses sooo much ! I have been riding ever since I was six and now I finally have my own horse (Oliver<3)

I have had Oliver a year and a half. I ride western and I show in western pleasure classes. I'm going to start riding English because my trainer says that it will get me more
points at shows. Yay!:)

I'm the type of girl who will ride, feed
muck, clean, water etc. all day and still not want to leave the barn in the evening.

I love my horse Oliver with all my heart. I have been using Parelli Natural Horsemanship and
It had completely change my perspective on training Oliver to trust and respect me more.

I don't like leaving Oliver while I go on vacation because it seem like all my hard hard work slips away......(unless I pay someone to ride him)

P.S My whole life revolves around horses and I love it<3

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