Of War and Horses - Part 1

by Ilana
(Baker, FL)



Once there was a wild stallion named, Cantinos. He ran through the hottest deserts, the longest paths, and the highest hedges. He was known as, The Stallion of the Great Spain. For years people have tried to catch him, but it simply was impossible. But one day, a young man named Senor Ranchos Miguela barreled through the Great Spanish Corn Fields on his Palomino horse, Nilly.

Cantinos had the wind in his long black mane,his blue eyes shot up, ears perked. He screamed to his large herd of 15. The young man screeched a painful, yet loud, "He-yah!" Nilly ran after Cantinos and his herd with the man on her back. Cantinos' black coat reflected the sun as he ran, his muscles tensed, then... He tripped.

Cantinos woke up. Ropes around his legs, all four legs. He screamed with his ears perched back. He looked up, then stood on all fours. He looked around, seeing Nilly, and 16 other horses eating. "Hey boy!" A deep, yet sweet voice came up behind Cantinos, "It's me, Marios." Cantinos snorted and stomped his large hoof. The 16 (17 including Nilly) whinnied at him, Cantinos nickered at Nilly from a distance.

Soon, Cantinos felt a heavy weight on his back, and spine. He reared, biting Marios' finger. "AHHG!" Marios held his finger stiffly.

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