Nothing but horse crazy!

by Brianna



I don't know why but when i was two i fell in love with horses. It all started when we passed by a beautiful horse farm there were black, white, brown, chestnut, black and white and brown and white horses out there. But what really inspired me by these beautiful creatures were there strength and bravery plus there faith in humans.

One day we moved and bought a ranch down in Texas. That was so exciting! And the week after we moved in my mom bought me a horse, his name is Tucker. I named him that because he is brave and intelligent.

We got tucker from Texas. When I got home, I unloaded tucker from the trailer and put on his bridle saddle and saddlepad and took tucker for a ride he was really fast! I could feel the wind in my hair that was the best ride ever!

My mom bought more horses later on in life but Tucker is the best horse ever! Nobody could ever take his place because he is my first horse. Today, Tucker is 18 years old. We got him when he was 8 and wen I was five years old so today i am 15 years old.

Tucker and I have won lots of first place ribbons in show jumping, cross country, racing competitions and dressage competitions. He is a very special horse to me and that's why Tucker is so special. Right now at my stable my family has 15 horses and the boarded horses we have are 10 and we have 25 ranch hands, and live in a western log cabin.

Every summer we let our horses out the stable into the pastures so they can play and release the wild horse spirit. It's amazing to see these amazing animal run free forever more. 'm a plain horsecrazy girl and that's my horsecrazy story.

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