Not To Trust Horses Fully

by Grace

This is him being good

This is him being good

I love horses but I trusted my horse tommy to go in a field with me with jumps, and first he went over very nicely. Then I went to pat him and he bucked, reared, spun and broke my theme-a! So that is why you should not trust horse and ponies even tho you think you know them. You really don't because even if you think that your pony is safe one day you are going to get hurt so never let your horse do what it wants to.

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May 23, 2011
I can't belive it!
by: Destiny

When you bent over to pet him, it got him off balanced, so he bucked!

Jan 21, 2011
by: Clare

I don't mean to be a bother but SERIOUSLY you trusted your horse and after one bad day your saying to NEVER trust a horse?!

I know he might have broken your whatever it was but i know people that have had much worse things done to them and they trust their horse and are still riding! give him another go. Maybe you patted a sore bit on his neck or maybe you didn't brush him probably and there was a splinter on his saddle blanket and it finally got to his skin. So instead of just turning him way after one bad day give him another go!

If you don't trust him ever again how do u suppose hes going to trust you?! Sometimes in your life you might do a bad thing but that doesn't mean your parents don't love and trust you anymore. So do yourself a favor and think about what I said.


Dec 24, 2010
by: Bettie

I have to agree with everyone else, maybe it wasn't even you who did something wrong any thing could have spooked him... don't give up trust because of one incident, try again!

If you fall off and the same thing happens get on again and keep trusting the horse, the more you trust him the more he'll learn to trust that you'll keep him safe and he has to keep you safe in return.

Dec 22, 2010
so cute!
by: Alyssia

Hi this comment is for you Lex.

I think that is so adorable what whisper did for you :) And I totally agree. You have to always trust your horse when ever you are riding him or even grooming him. Like when I started jumping cross country I was so sure that I would mess up and drive my horse right into a log or something. But my instructor told me to relax and trust my horse fully and when I did I was a lot less scared and I realized that riding cross country gave a great adrenaline rush. I mean how could you not have an adrenaline rush when you're suspended in the air on a 2000 pound horse! (even if it's just for a few seconds) :)

Dec 19, 2010
by: Lex

Umm Hello!!?? You Have To Trust The Horse For Him/Her To Trust You. Most Of The Time You Have To Trust The Horse Before It Can Trust You. And You Have To Take Risks. I Trusted My Mare Whisper When I First Sat In The Saddle Upon Her Back. Few Months Later My Grandpas Gelding, Badger, Pushed Me Over Cause Was Told To Give The Oats To Whisper First But He Wanted Them And When I Pushed His Face Away, He Knocked The Oats Out Of My Hands And Pushed me Down. Then When I Felt Like He Was Gonna Stomp Me Into The Ground, Whisper Came Out Of No Where And Kick, Bucked And Bit At Badger And Soon Sent Him Away. When He Was Long Gone, She Put Her Head Down And Helped Me Up. From Then On I Have Trusted Whisper With My Life. Give Your Horse Another Chance. Please. :)

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