Nicole's Horse Sense

by Nicole

Me trying to get back into jumping.

Me trying to get back into jumping.

Horses have always been my therapy and now are my life. They helped me learn discipline, responsibility, and how to have intuition.

I worked at the horse farm so I could pay for lessons and horse shows. I first rode when I was 11, and still ride now.

I was first taught on a very sweet Arabian gelding, named Ramadan. Since then, I learned how to ride lots of different horses and now I have a beautiful Andalusian mare, named Anda Bella. I got to name her myself and I trained her from a weanling. She is brilliant, strong and very athletic. She takes care of me and gives me confidence to try something new or scary. I will always be HorseCrazy!

My favorite breeds are the Andalusian, Lusitano, Haflinger, American Paint Horse and I'm favorable towards a well bred American Quarter Horse and Arabian. I adore the Iberian breeds for their ability in Dressage, but I know more about jumpers, so I appreciate a good jumper when I see one.

I have been learning dressage since I developed Epilepsy. I did Hunters/Jumpers before I had seizures. I switched to Dressage for the safety aspect, but I'm going back into jumping because my horse likes to jump. Now I just always wear a riding vest and ALWAYS a helmet. I've also started learning Western. It is a little easier than English, but it requires more fine detail than I think English riders give western riders credit for.

One of my life goals is to be able to complete a whole Eventing Trial with my mare.

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May 13, 2010
by: Elena

Your position over that jump is beautiful over that jump! Could you please read and comment on my Horse Page? Mine is called "My Horse Journey"
Thanks and great Riding,

May 09, 2010
by: Sydney

What a beautiful horse - just gorgeous! I think it's so cool you are getting into riding again and even with your epilepsy. It's inspiring!

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