Mystery Horse

by Emily L

Mystery Horse

Mystery Horse

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

My alarm clock rings awakening me from my heavy slumber. I check the time and it's only 4:00 am, definitely not my normal wake up time. My little devil of a brother must have set it so early because he knows I can't get back to sleep once I'm up. I get up out of my bed sighing.

"Little brothers." I mutter under my breath.

Walking over to my window, I realize the sun is already starting to rise. Shocked, I walk down the stairs to check the wall clock in case mine is wrong. It's 4:04am. Why is the sun rising so early? This is an early start to what seems to be a rather peculiar day.

"I OVERSLEPT!" My father shouts running down the stairs.

"No pops, it's only 4:37am." I say through a mouthful of oatmeal.

"Then why is the sun almost up so early?" My dad questions with a befuddled look on his face.

"No idea." I tell him still confused myself.

"My alarm went off at 4:00am and I came downstairs saw this, made some oatmeal and well here we are."

"All the years I've lived in Ireland, I've never seen such a thing!" My dad murmurs.

"Yeah. Well, since we are up so early would you mind driving me to the barn in a bit?" I ask.

"Sure kiddo, but why are you always so desperate to go and look after other people's horses?"

"'Cause when I get my own horse I'll be an expert in taking care of him!" I smile.

"We've discussed this Ella, it's not happening. We don't have the money to support you, the twins, and a horse." My dad says sternly.

"Well then I guess I'll just wait till we have the money!"

"Alright kid, go get dressed. We're leaving in half an hour."

"Great, thanks Dad." I kiss him on the cheek and run up stairs. If I get an early start I might have time to ride a horse in the afternoon!

To be continued...

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Jun 13, 2016
Keep writing!!
by: Jesus&HorseLover4-ever

PLEASE keep writing! You did an awesome job with this story!! :)

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