My Wild Horse Ride Story

by Meredith
(Gloucester Mass. U.S.A)

One day I decided to to take my pony Little Chief out for a trail ride for the first time ever! For the first 20 minute or so he was doing great. I was ready to start cantering, but suddenly he shot forward and took off at a full gallop!

I was sooooooo scared but at the same time it was fun! we were galloping for at least 15 minutes he was jumping over fallen trees and rocks it was out of control.

I lost both my stirrups and eventually fell off but right when I hit the ground I shot back up again to try to catch Chief because he was still running full speed.

He stopped at a shady spot to eat some grass. When I got him I realized the girth was way too tight - that's why he was running. He's the kind of pony when there's something wrong he is sure to to let you know!

After I loosened up the girth to the right size i got right back on. When I did he behaved like an angel.

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Feb 09, 2009
by: Amy

the awesomest story ever! Hey...can we be friends?

Note from Sydney's mom: I am sorry but I had to delete your email address for safety! (Plus, just to warn you, if you put your email address online you'll start getting tons of spam.) If your parents say it's OK you may want to check out for horse chats.

Aug 06, 2008
by: Alexis

Wow! now thats one funny story! Hey can we be friends?Ill comment on urs and you can comment on mine .as soon as i figure out whitch one is mine!lol Bye!

Jul 18, 2008
by: Jillian

Wow! that must have been fun. ive only galloped my horse in controlled. lol

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