My True Horse Story

by HorseGirl

Hi everybody I am going to tell you about me!!! I started riding when I was 6 years old and I rode hunter jumper and I rode a welsh pony named Barrymore. I ended that in about a year and I stopped riding for 6 months due to a surgery I had.

I later quit riding hunter jumper and started riding Saddle Seat. I learned so much from my instructor, but sadly she moved to Colorado to work with her friend who owns an Arabian farm, she later moved to New York to work and take over a huge successful Saddlebred farm in New York.

When she moved I started riding at Shamrock Horsemanship Academy and it was just basic riding. I later moved to my cabin for the summer and met a wonderful Dressage instructor and she has cancer so I am riding with instructors that she trusts.

She has 3 horses, there is Danube(Danny) who is a former Olympic dressage horse, I also ride her and she is the mother of the other two horses. Another horse is Remilliagh(Remi), he is 10 years old and he will possibly be in the next Olympics which will be in 2016 I think. Then there is Trinity she is not fully trained yet but she is very sweet. All of the horses are Holsteiner Warmbloods.

I also ride western, I do not take lessons, but I know it pretty well. I also ride/take care of a horse named Dancer. My family has known Dancer's owner forever and everyday I ride her unless it's raining or the main arena is to wet to ride in. Dancer is 14 years old and she is a mustang and she used to be wild, she is also a western horse.

I am Christian and am 11 years old and LOVE horses!!! I also have two accounts on the game Howrse, on the international version my username is KhissesLover and on the U.S. version my username is RatherBRidin. If you would like to be friends with me please let me know.

Also if you would like any information on horses I would love to help!!! I love horses because they the most amazing creatures God has made I think, I love anything and everything about horses!!!

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