My Story

by Jessie

I have always been attracted to the most beautiful creatures on earth, which of course are horses.

Other people say they are mean and so and so because their sibling or they have fallen off of one, but you don't know that. I have fallen off, but I am driven to get back on the horse and try to do the jump over again!

I love horses and I always will. Just a week ago I fell off my horse into the jump, but I knew that I was made to try again and again. It just makes me feel so much better about myself when i am up on a horse. This is what I was sent to do ....JUMP.

Jumping is the most extraordinary thing I have ever done, with the seconds feeling like you are flying. It is just amazing!

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Feb 17, 2009
by: Maya

That is a great page! I agree with you entirely! Have fun riding!

Oct 24, 2008
by: Windcall

WOW, Jessie!

You have SUCH a marvelous page!!!!!! I love the horse pic up top, and I loved what you wrote about.

Have you read any of my pages? Just look for "Dreamer: Windcall's Page--." All of my pages are titled in that particular manner!

Talk to you later!

Windcall *:-)

Oct 18, 2008
Hey Jessie!
by: Christina

I am with you all the way girl! People shouldn't hate horses just because they fell off one, because it probably wasn't the horses's fault.
By the way can you please comment on my page: Christina-HorseLover page2 (Picture's page!)

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