my stall? is my horse happy???......

by Eliza

..... i dont know!!!!!! can u help me???? PLZ

ok sooo i have a thoroughbred/paint cross 4yr old mare named Piper! i luv her to DEATH! i just have had sumthing on my mind for sum time.the stall Piper lives in is a box stall 12times12 conected to a 14times12 paduct. my stable is very small theres only 3 horses including Piper. the other to horses have a 12times12 stalls with 14times12 paduct the same as Pipers, but.... there horse get a HUGE paduct like the size of an arena ALSO!!! at like show stables there horses just have box 12times12 stalls but they get turned out for like 2 to 3 hours a day. Piper dosnt :-( i ride her almot every day sumtimes every other day. is she cramed in there? do u think shes happy? im not sure i know im geting the bad end of the deal here but i can do anything about the arena acess Pipers stall isnt conected to the HUGE paduct like the other 2 horses.


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May 09, 2011
by: horsefeathers

well i think that she shouldn't be crammed 24/7. if you take her out she is probably ok but you should ask if maybe another horse could share for half the week or something and you pay them some money.

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