My Sad HorseCrazy Life +D

by Victoria
(Ohio, USA)

Hey! My name is Victoria, and you may see a lot of me on this site.:P I`m new for sure to the site, but I`m going to post stories up soon!(: I`m 14 years old and I have been riding since I was 7.

Before I was 7, I had no clue what horseback riding meant and why horses were so special. Then, one day, my mom signed me up for a horse camp with my cousin. I instantly fell in love with the horse I was riding at camp, a bay mare named Sarah. She was a quarter horse x paint mare and I first rode western, but quit western and decided to do English just 2 months later. Sarah died a few weeks after the horse camp because of the rare sickness she had (forget what it was, lol).

After getting kicked by a horse my mom refused to let me ride till I was 13. My boyfriend supported me through it when I was first starting to ride again, on a thoroughbred mare named Lady, she was 11 years old and trained well. But my boyfriend and I broke up the day after that, so no more supporting for me. But that was when my trainer came along, and told me how boys will be boys and horses are forever. And now, I TOTALLY agree! Lady, and the thoroughbred gelding, Andy are the only ones for me!<3

Lady and Andy--besides my dog, Skylar--are my life and always will be. I ride normal English, English pleasure and show jumping, plus learning dressage!(:

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