My Sad Horse Crazy Life

by Celina

I am so completely horse crazy because they are my life!

I knew a horse named Lina. She got to old and had to leave the stable. And the good thing is, she was not put down she just went to a retirement home to live.

She was the horse I used to ride.
She taught me all I know.
I wish she was here still.
I miss here a lot sometimes I cry when I think about her.

I practically owned her because everybody else was scared of her and she would only trust me.
But now she`s gone and I don't know what to do.

Please comment with either something to help me get over her or about anything.

Love to the !!!Horses!!!

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May 21, 2011
don't worry
by: izzy

i've been through this stage too twice the horse that only YOU love has left...but if you keep on remembering them then things can only get better

Feb 14, 2011
by: Celina

hey thanks for the advice. i can't visit her because i don't know where her retirement place is. i can't muck out stalls, clean tack or hang out at the stable the place already has enough people. i can't make a poster because i have no pictures. i have a lot of other horses now. a few names of my horses are *REY*,*Lucy* - there are other horses but they are the best of them. I can make pictures with them though. thanks so much for the advice. thanks everyone for everything please keep commenting. thanks.

Jan 29, 2011
so so so sorry
by: Anonymous

im so sorry. this isn't a sob story but hey it'll probably make you smile... my dog threw up in my freshly folded clothes today she walked right over stuck her head in them and puked. and my horse hates my guts she bites and i think she thinks my blond hair is hay but i still love her and instead of thinking about missing her, find a new horse that you have that same spark with. there's another one out there trust me on it. hey my horse is right for me even though it doesn't sound like it. she loves just as much as i love her when she hurts me or sees me cry she gets this. im sorry. anyway, look in her creamy brown eyes.

Jan 26, 2011
Oh, I feel so sorry
by: Arianne

Oh, I feel so sorry for you. It must have been a shock. I'm sure Lina will still love you though, where ever she is. If it is true that she would only trust you and no one else would go near her, then she obviously needs you in our empty, hopeless world. It is a very, VERY sad crazy life! it must be just like losing a best friend. I expect Lina WAS you're best friend. I had a best friend as a horse too... he was lovely... His name was Hugo and he was a dark bay Dartmoor. I loved him soooooooooooooooooo much!

Bye, see 'ya!

Jan 20, 2011
I'm so sorry
by: TheCougar

I'm not embarrassed to admit that I began to tear up when I read your plea over a couple times. I have once been in your riding boots, and know how (if not exactly) how you feel. Why that is I typed below.

[My father is military, so we move every couple years. We were in Portugal when I was given my first horse, a grey Arab-Lusitano stallion named Pamplona. The day came that my family picked up and moved to Virginia, USA, and Pam had to stay behind for processing. A couple months went by and I decided I needed to ride now or I'd soon forget everything. I leased a mare for a few more months.]

Now I come to the place where you should really read.

[I remember vividly my mom's words. "Honey, Pamplona tested positive for a native virus. It's harmless to him and the Portugese horses, but if he was brought here, these horses would become seriously ill, maybe die. He's not allowed in. I'm so sorry. Pamplona isn't coming."
The next minute, I was bombarded by my thoughts. Oh my gosh, no. I loved him. He'll be better without me. He never trusted me. But, I loved him. Am I lying to myself? Why, why, why?
I still rode that day, even if in grief. I had to accept it. Not like I could go to Portugal and claim him again. There was a girl who wasn't military who would be a good match for him. Now, I go on Facebook and look through her albums of Pam. They look so happy together, if I'm not psyching myself out.]

So, I'm in the same state your in. I absolutely loved Pam (and another mare I owned after him). I thoroughly enjoyed riding him (and her). They were both ripped away from me (moved again, now my mare is 5 US states away from me) and now make me cry silently whenever I remember.
Things don't happen as you'd like them to. Life doesn't become normal until you've TIED UP LOOSE ENDS. I didn't get to say good-bye to Pam. I didn't ever trust Heidi (my mare) on the ground since she reared on me aggressively for no apparent reason. Now you yourself are unable to reach the horse you love. What I mean by 'tying up loose ends' is that no one should leave their true words un-said, not do the things you've always known you needed to do, or in your case, I suggest you
-visit Lina as many times as you can
-just hang out at any stable and see if you can clean tack, muck stalls, or just help out with the horses in any way
-make a little poster of Lina's photos and memos (this sort of helped me get over Pam)
-and when you are doing the above things, riding or just doing nothing, simply remember and smile
*My theory is that you should not forget the thing that makes you sad, but you shouldn't wallow in your grief either. Hard to do this, but keep coming back to that last tip, and you'll gradually associate your relationship with Lina to being wonderful with you ever-grateful, the memory only slightly tinged with sad.*

All in all, I feel for you :) Hugz and I'd like to know if this did the thing for you as well as me.

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