My Riding Story

by Izzy
(Los Angles, California, USA)



I have loved horses since I was 4 years old. But, I had to look at my sister ride western because at that barn you had to be 10 to ride. But, at the age 9 we switched to English, at that barn you could practically be any age.

So,we took lessons once a week. I started riding a horse named Patty, she liked to bite and was a slow poke. I rode her for a couple of lessons. Then I switched to a horse named Baby, she was very calm and slow.

After a month I started riding Icy, a calm but would do anything you asked. I fell in love with her absolutely in love. In 2 months "She has cancer the size of a soccer ball we have to put her down" my riding teacher told me. When I got home I cried the whole night. In the morning I thought it was best that she was put down. Next came Libby I had one of my worst falls on her. She was so hyper.

Once she took of I fell in front of her almost got totally trampled but she kept running. I had a big scratch on my side. Now i am riding a hose named Sky a beautiful white horse she likes to jump very high. I love her a lot! My sister is leasing a horse named Gus, I have not started leasing yet. But i am saving up my money to lease. So now I am watching her ride almost everyday. That is my riding story!

Horse Love,

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Jun 12, 2012
Hi Izzy
by: Unicorn

Patty looks cute and naughty! Sky sounds amazing. I also have a super horse named Skye - she can be hyper, but she's always dependable, one of those honest do-anything go-anywhere types. I love her to bits! Good luck with leasing.


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