My Riding Life!!!!!

by Emma
(Southwest Scotland)



I love horses and can't wait for the day to come for my weekly lesson!!! I really like horses because sometimes I feel like they are the only ones who understand and listen to me.

My fave type of pony is either the Cobb or the welsh mountain pony and my fave pony of all time is Merlin (whose picture is above) who is so sweet and kind that I really do not wanna grow out of him!!! I love beach hacks and also show jumping!!!

I first sat on a horse when I was 3 and was visiting my cousins in wales and sat on their pony called Mr. Chips and from then on I made my mum promise to let me go for a riding lesson for every birthday and Christmas as a present!!!

When I was 8 I started going for a riding lesson every second week and when I was 10 every week. I am still going every week as I am not allowed a pony of my own but I go every Saturday to spend 2 hours at the stables and I can start to work there when I am 12!!!

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