My Pony Party!

by Davanna

For my 10th Birthday I had a "Pony Party." It was the best! For the invitations me and my dad (he is the best artist!) drew a horse head. We bought some felt fabric cut the shape out. We used buttons for eyes and drew the features. We bought some yarn for the mane too!

Me and my mom got the cake though. It was actually cupcakes! It was a horse head that looked like my real life horse Blossom. The cupcakes were together and icing over all of it to make it look real. It looked amazing! Me and my mom also mad cookies that were shaped like horseshoes they were cute!

For the games or course we played pin the tail on the pony, we bobbed apples, then we each got a piece of paper (it already had a horse body on it). It asked questions like, "The name of your dream horse, age, coat color, etc." You got to draw and create your dream horse! For my birthday I asked for horse items like brushes, feed, grain, hoof pics, etc.

I donated all of it to are local animal shelter. I also got some money from my party that was donated as well. So not only did I have a great Pony Party, me and my friends helped horses out!

My Pony party was the best party. Me and my friends had a blast! I think every horse love-in girl should have a party like I did. Not only is a pony party for little kids ages 5 and such but for older horse fans as well, like me!

I don't regret anything, and whats better than having the best party and helping horses at the same time! Thanks so much!

Horse lover forever! :)

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